Thursday, January 17, 2008

South Carolina Woman Comes Home, Kills Intruder: "A Cross Hill woman returned home to find an intruder inside, and then shot and killed him. The incident happened about 8pm this evening on Pineland Shores Road. Laurens County Sheriff Ricky Chastain tells News Channel 7 that the woman heard someone in the home, grabbed a weapon, and saw him hiding in one of the rooms. She then shot him. It was not until after she shot him that she realized she knew him. Chastain says robbery appears to be the motive. Investigators will now present the case to Solicitor Jerry Peace to determine if the woman will be charged."

Alabama: Robbers' cock and bull story not believed: "The shooting occurred shortly after midnight Feb. 4, 2006, when Vanderpool, David Fowler and two others pulled their Jeep into a private lane in the Bon Secour area of Baldwin County. Styron testified he was sleeping on his nephew's property in his vehicle, looking after a home under construction because vandals had set fire to it the week before. Styron testified that the four men, while unarmed, threatened him and he fired in self-defense. "I kept backing up until they surrounded me," he said. "I did what I had to do to survive." But Fowler, 20, testified he and the other men stopped because they believed a person inside the vehicle might need help. He said Styron, armed with a rifle, ordered them out of the Jeep, and that he ran back to the Jeep when Styron shot Vanderpool twice. "I was chased down like a dog and shot," Fowler said. "He leaned inside of the Jeep and shot me." Fowler was flown to a Pensacola hospital with injuries to his arm, back and lung. Vanderpool, 23, testified he underwent $38,000 worth of treatment for his wounds. But prosecutors challenged the credibility of the victims, and the judge questioned it, too. "I frankly think these young men were in a place where they shouldn't be," she said."

CA: Sheriff cracking down on gun permits for crooks: "Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness has revoked concealed weapon permits of a gubernatorial appointee and a state parole official while also vowing to overhaul permit record keeping, both in the wake of a Bee investigation. The Bee reported that at least 30 of the 550 people issued local carry permits from 1996 to 2007 had records of criminal convictions - and at least seven had failed to disclose them in their concealed weapon applications. Most of those permits were granted by McGinness' predecessor, former Sheriff Lou Blanas. McGinness said he revoked the permit of Julie Motamedi, whom Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointee to the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and one of the permit holders profiled in The Bee's story. Motamedi was arrested Sept. 1, 2005, on suspicion of drunken driving and cited by a California Highway Patrol officer for having a gun with her in the car. Under Sheriff's Department policy, drinking alcohol while carrying a loaded gun invalidates the permit. McGinness also revoked the permit of Robert T. "Bobby" Rodriguez, the state Board of Parole Hearing's associate chief deputy commissioner, who was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Merced. Merced police said Rodriguez's blood alcohol level at the time of the November arrest was 0.16 - twice the legal limit. The Sheriff's Department can allow people to carry a loaded gun if they have "good moral character" and prove they have "good cause" for needing a gun, according to state law. But the state grants leeway to local law enforcement in determining which applicants fit those definitions."

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