Friday, January 11, 2008

Indiana woman shoots intruder: "Police in Northwest Indiana have released the audio tape of an emergency call for help. A woman was reportedly watching TV when she heard a window breaking in her home and called 911. She then hid in a closet, armed with a gun. The tape captures the woman struggling with a man, repeatedly saying, "Stop it. Stop it." The woman eventually shot and killed the intruder. Police said she will not face charges, because she acted in self defense"

Indiana Homeowner Shoots, Beats Would-Be Burglar: "A man shot and beat someone who was trying to break into his home on Indianapolis' east side early Thursday morning, police said. Police said Donald Robertson, 53, was asleep just after midnight when he was awakened by the sound of breaking glass. Robertson grabbed a shotgun and went outside, where he found Chester Burkett [above], 43, breaking one of the home's windows, police said. Authorities said the two men struggled with each other, and Robertson fired his shotgun. Police said Robertson told them he wasn't sure if he'd hit Burkett, so he struck the would-be burglar several times with the butt of the shotgun. Investigators said Robertson fired as many as two additional shots as Burkett ran to another home. Burkett was arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary, residential entry and attempted theft. He was taken to Wishard Memorial Hospital with a shotgun wound to his thigh and several cuts on his head, police said. Robertson was treated at the scene and released."

Michigan sees fewer gun deaths -- with more permits: "Six years after new rules made it much easier to get a license to carry concealed weapons, the number of Michiganders legally packing heat has increased more than six-fold. But dire predictions about increased violence and bloodshed have largely gone unfulfilled, according to law enforcement officials and, to the extent they can be measured, crime statistics. The incidence of violent crime in Michigan in the six years since the law went into effect has been, on average, below the rate of the previous six years. The overall incidence of death from firearms, including suicide and accidents, also has declined."

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