Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ohio: Double Shooting Kills 1: "Miami Township police said a shooting in the 5100 block of Miamisburg-Soldiers Home Road killed one person Friday night and seriously injured another person. According to police, the shooting happened just before midnight. A male intruder, 38-year-old Richard L. Coyle of Miamisburg, allegedly entered the residence on Miamisburg-Soldiers Home Road and shot 34-year-old Deidre S. Webster. Webster was Careflighted to Miami Valley Hospital where she was listed in serious condition Saturday evening. Police then said the homeowner at that residence allegedly shot and killed Coyle. Police have not identified the man who allegedly shot Coyle. That homeowner is being held in the Montgomery County Jail, but he has not been charged."

Texas: Grocery Store Guard Shoots At Shoplifting Suspect: "A grocery store security guard opened fire on a shoplifting suspect on Tuesday, KPRC Local 2 reported. Houston police said the guard at the Fiesta store on Hillcroft Street near Bellaire Boulevard spotted the man inside the store at about 6:45 p.m. The guard was waiting for the man as he left the store, officials said. The man elbowed the guard as he tried to stop him, police said. Investigators said the guard fired a warning shot as the man ran away. Police tracked the man down about a block away. An ambulance was called out to treat the man for an injury he suffered when he fell on concrete."

CO: Make my day better: "Rep. Cory Gardner is taking another shot at passage of his 'Make My Day Better' legislation. Under Colorado's current Make My Day Law, people can use deadly force to protect themselves in their own homes. ... Rep. Gardner, a Republican whose district covers part of Southeastern Colorado, wants to extend the right of self-protection to people in the workplace. As it is, there are disparities in how such incidents are handled by prosecutors. In Denver, a man was charged with manslaughter for protecting himself from a burglar, but in Colorado Springs in the same type of crime, the store owner who protected himself wasn't charged with anything. ... If you are killed by a criminal at work, you are just as dead, dead, dead as if you are killed at home. Why not allow people to protect themselves at work just as they can protect themselves in their own abodes?"

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