Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Tennessee Man Shoots And Kills Burglar: "A little before 5:00 this morning, a woman returned home and caught who she thought to be a burglar in the act. Lt. Tony Armstrong, a homicide detective with the Memphis Police Department, says, "The victim called her boyfriend. Her boyfriend came over and investigated, found him inside the house and shot him multiple times." Medics took the suspect to the hospital where he later died. Police spent several hours later combing the apartment for more evidence. We're told the man who shot the suspect did have a state gun carry permit. It's likely the man who shot the intruder will not face any charges."

Off-duty deputy foils adult-shop heist: "A man who was shot by an off-duty sheriff's deputy while attempting to rob an adult bookstore in East Memphis Saturday may be linked to other recent robberies, authorities say. The suspect, whom police have not identified, was critically wounded in the episode that began when he entered the Fantasy Warehouse of Memphis at the intersection of Summer and White Station at about 10 a.m. armed with a handgun. The man approached the clerk and indicated that he was going to rob the store, said Memphis Police Inspector D.W. Boyd. That's when Gary Gadd, 44, an off-duty Shelby County sheriff's deputy who was shopping in the store, identified himself to the suspect. The suspect shot in Gadd's direction but missed. Gadd fired back, hitting the suspect. None of the other patrons or the clerk was injured. Police arrived at about 10:20 a.m., and the suspect was taken to the Regional Medical Center at Memphis in critical condition."

Feisty Floridan fights off 5 others: "A Central Florida man who collects cash for parking at a church fought off five armed men who had ambushed him and demanded cash. The 65-year-old victim, who did not want to be identified, said he was collecting cash in the Parramore area before an Orlando Magic basketball game when someone put a gun to his head. He noticed that that he was surrounded by four other men as well. The man said he pretended to reach into his jacket for cash but instead pulled out his hidden gun and opened fire. The men fled during the shooting and it was not known if any of them were hit by bullets. The victim said he had a permit for the concealed weapon. He said he has been a victim of crime before. "A couple of years ago, eight teens attacked me with a pipe trying to rob me," the man said."

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