Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pennsylvania robber shot: "Police said a man shot a robber during a home invasion in Darlington Borough, Beaver County, Friday morning. According to police, two robbers entered a home, taking control of the homeowner's rifle. At that point, police said, the homeowner pulled out a handgun, shooting one of the robbers. The second robber fled the scene with the man's rifle, police said. When police arrived, they found the wounded suspect and called for medical assistance. There is no word on that person's condition. Police continue to investigate. There is no word on whether the homeowner will be charged in the shooting".

Missouri burglar shot at: "A man reportedly burglarizing an apartment Thursday morning in an area off Battlefield Road was captured after being shot at by a resident and chased down by a police dog and several law enforcement officials, according to Capt. Randy Gibson of the Greene County Sheriff's Department. The incident began around 10:30 a.m. at the Valley apartments just off West Battlefield when someone staying home sick awoke to the sound of a window being pried open in another room, according to Gibson. The suspect fled back out the window after the resident saw him, according to Gibson. A neighbor then apparently went after the suspect, firing shots at him, Gibson said. No one was hurt from the gunshots. The Greene County Sheriff's Department, the Springfield Police Department and the Battlefield Police Department responded to the scene and a K-9 unit was deployed to track the suspect, Gibson said. The suspect led the officers on a short foot pursuit and was taken into custody several blocks away in the vicinity of the West Bypass/West Battlefield area, Gibson said. Gibson said he expects burglary charges to be filed against the suspect this morning."

Some progress in Georgia: "A bill that would expand the rights of Georgians to carry concealed weapons sailed through the state Senate on Thursday, over the objections of some law enforcement groups. The bill would allow those with concealed weapons permits to carry their weapon in a state park or historic site. And drivers legally eligible to obtain a gun license could also have a weapon in their car, under the legislation. It passed 41 to 15. A much-disputed provision sought by the National Rifle Association that would have allowed employees to leave a firearm in their locked car at work was watered down following a furious lobbying campaign against it by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. The business group argued the change would have trampled the private property rights of business owners. Under the bill that passed on Thursday, only the 300,000 Georgians with concealed weapons permits would be eligible to take advantage of the parking lot provision. And workplace property owners would have a say in the matter. In publicly accessible parking lots, the same rules must apply to customers and employees. Guns could only be banned for employees if they are prohibited for customers as well."

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