Friday, January 25, 2008

Virginia: Security guard shoots man: "A security guard at Lake of the Woods in Orange County shot a man in the hip shortly after midnight Sunday, causing a minor injury. According to State Police spokesperson Sgt. Les Tyler, the guard was investigating a 911 call from a residence on Wilderness Lane. Tyler said a man answered the door, became combative and assaulted the guard, who then drew his gun. The man was taken to Mary Washington Hospital, then sent to the Medical College of Virginia Hospital in Richmond. His injuries are not life-threatening, Tyler said."

CO: Teen shoots robbers: "A Fountain teenager who woke up to the sounds of robbers in his home said that he didn't hesitate to shoot the men before they took off with his flat screen television. Fountain police spokesman Sgt. Jess Freeman said the suspects are currently hospitalized for treatment of gunshot wounds. ... Cody Buckler, 19, said he was asleep at about 11 p.m. Sunday when he heard unfamiliar voices in the living room. He told authorities he overheard someone tell a child in the house that they were a police officer, so Buckler crept down the hall and saw two men who were wearing masks, hats and gloves. Buckler then went back to his bedroom, grabbed a 12-gauge shotgun and shot one of the men as the man carried out Buckler's flat-screen TV. He then shot the second man as the man came up the stairs toward him. Both men escaped but were apprehended at a nearby hospital by police. They both had semiautomatic handguns, according to police. Buckler's girlfriend, her young daughter and two other children live in the home. Police said they don't plan to file charges against Buckler at this point because the shooting appears to be covered by Colorado's "Make My Day" law, which allows a homeowner to use deadly force if they believe lives are in danger."

In Election Season, Mum's the Word about Gun Control: "Are this year's U.S. presidential candidates avoiding the gun issue? Last week, San Francisco's First District Court of Appeal struck down that city's two-year-old law that confiscated all handguns and rendered all other guns useless by banning ammunition sales. And on March 9 of last year, a federal court of appeals invalidated District of Columbia laws that banned handguns and precluded keeping any gun for defense in the home. That case is now in the Supreme Court, which many expect will hold that such laws violate the Constitution's guarantee that law-abiding, responsible adults may have guns to defend their homes and families. Ironically, though these laws represent the ultimate goals of the gun "control" (actually gun ban) movement, they epitomize that movement's political downfall. For Democratic candidates, an Eleventh Commandment has evolved: "Don't mention guns"-while formerly anti-gun Republicans Romney and Giuliani now declare themselves faithful advocates of gun rights. Democratic politicians are well aware that (as Bill Clinton himself says) Congressional Democrats' anti-gun efforts caused the 1994 voter revolt which-for the first time in 50 years-gave Republicans control of both houses of Congress."

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