Friday, September 12, 2008

California homeowner kills burglar: "A homeowner who feared for the safety of himself and his family used a shotgun to kill an accused burglar early Tuesday in Del Paso Heights, Sacramento police said. Police were called at 12:18 a.m. regarding a shooting in 800 block of Carmelita Avenue, Sgt. Matt Young said. Officers arrived to find a 19-year-old man suffering from a gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Young said an investigation found that the dead man and an unknown number of accomplices allegedly tried to break into the home. A man, his wife and two children were inside the house. One of the burglars appeared to be carrying a rifle, police said.Police said the husband grabbed his shotgun and fired one shot as one of the intruders tried to force his way into the home.Young said the accused burglar was fatally injured by the blast and the accomplice or accomplices fled.

Nebraska shooting ruled self-defense: "After spending four days in jail while the Douglas County attorney's office reviewed the facts of his case, Robert Muckey took his first steps outside, calling the experience "a huge relief." The relief, he said, is unexplainable. Muckey shot Domingo Gutierrez Saturday night as Gutierrez broke into his house through a bedroom window. Muckey said the shooting was self-defense. Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine agrees. After Gutierrez broke into the home, Kleine said, Muckey warned him he had a gun. "The victim had said he had something for him too," Kleine said."He was standing on the bed in the bedroom and lunged towards the shooter and the individual shot him. Under the law, and facts we have, we can't show it wasn't justified," Kleine said. Gutierrez was the fiance of Muckey's stepdaughter and the father of the couple's week-old baby.

MO: Wheelie shoots first: "Springfield police have identified Tommie Lee Wise, 52, as the victim of a Tuesday night shooting in a southwest duplex. Wise was taken to St. John's Hospital with a bullet wound to the abdomen, police said. He underwent surgery and was listed in stable condition late Tuesday, police said. The alleged gunman was arrested but charges had not been filed Wednesday. Officers said they responded to a call at 7 p.m. Tuesday at 933 W. Sunset St. about a disturbance involving a handgun. A witness there told police that her boyfriend, who is in a wheelchair, shot Wise at the residence after Wise threatened her boyfriend with a gun, police reported."

It's time to pull out: "It's time to pull out. The death toll is just too high. We need to withdraw and let the people in the streets there just duke it out themselves. Self governance, right? May the strongest win. Survival of the fittest. One hundred twenty five deaths just this summer alone. That's twice the death toll of American military personnel in Iraq during the same time period. So it makes sense to get out, right? Did you know I was talking about Chicago? The city where CCW is ILLEGAL, meaning citizens have no right to carry self defense sidearms for their self protection. They are sitting ducks."

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