Monday, September 08, 2008

California man shoots intruder: "A Vacaville resident shot and killed a man who the resident said was burglarizing his home. The resident, who police did not identify and who lives alone on the 1200 block of Balsam Way, awoke to the sound of voices inside his home around 2 a.m. Saturday, according to a press release from the Vacaville Police Department. The resident armed himself with a handgun, confronted the alleged burglar and shot him "at least once" in the torso, according to police. The resident then called police. The Solano County Coroner has not yet released the name of the deceased and police described him only as an unidentified white male. Police found physical evidence at the home that they believe shows a second person was in the home when the shooting occurred. Police believe that person left the home through a bedroom window."

AL: Montgomery Police investigating shooting death: Montgomery police are investigating the Sunday night shooting death of an 18-year-old man. The incident occurred about 9 p.m. in the 600 block of North Bainbridge St., police reports said. The young man was shot once in the head, said Lt. Keith Barnett, a spokesman for the Montgomery police department. He wouldn't release the name of the victim. A person has been questioned in relation to the investigation, Barnett said. "From what we were told by witnesses at the scene, the victim may have been armed with a handgun, and might have been shooting at someone," he said. "We are treating it as a death investigation right now, because it may be a case of self-defense." Barnett wouldn't release the name of the person questioned, since no charges have been filed."

Black Pittsburgh: "After reaching a staggering high of 20 in the previous month, the number of homicides in August dropped to eight. However, all were Black males. As part of an ongoing effort to heighten awareness about the effects of murder in the Black community, the New Pittsburgh Courier will compile a list of homicides in the county each month. It is our hope that as the list of victims grows, so will a true understanding of how these lost lives affect the mental health, economic well-being and self-images of the region's Black neighborhoods. Out of the 78 murders, thus far in 2008-64 were Black and 57 were Black men."

Illinois counties pushing for concealed carry: "Counties within the state have gotten involved on pushing forward legislation that would allow residents to carry concealed weapons. "This is not a county board decision, it's a decision to support putting the question on the ballot and tell the General Assembly what to do," Jefferson County Chairman Ted Buck said. "Some county boards have also recommended putting the question on the Nov. 4 or the April 7 ballot advising the General Assembly for whether there should be [concealed] carry or not." Concealed carry is authorizing private citizens to carry a handgun, either on their person or in close proximity. According to Buck, the District of Columbia, Illinois and Wisconsin are the only places which do not have concealed carry. Wisconsin allows for open carry, and Illinois only allows open carry in rural areas subject to county restriction. The legislation which has prompted to move for counties to pass resolutions asking for the right for citizens to vote is House Bill 1304, which was introduced by Southern Illinois Representative John Bradley. The bill was introduced in February 2007, but has been mired down and re-referred to the Rules Committee numerous times and receive action deadline extensions on several occasions."

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