Monday, September 22, 2008

Crocodiles enjoy gun-free society: "Attempts to turn Solomon Islands into a gun-free society has had an unintended deadly side effect. It's lead in part, to an increase in the number of fatal crocodile attacks. Guns were banned on Solomon Islands following racial tensions and the arrival in 2003 of the Australian lead Regional Assistance Mission, RAMSI. Solomon Islands Acting Police Commissioner, Peter Marshall, has told Radio Australia at least six people have been killed by crocodiles in the past 18 months. "We have various reports from around the provinces in Solomon Islands... of crocodiles entering into locations where fishermen are present or where children are bathing or where families are bathing and the reports that we are getting is that the number of crocodiles is increasing," he said."

Cape Cod shooting justified: "Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O'Keefe has found that Yarmouth Police Officer Christopher Van Ness was justified in shooting and killing Brazilian national Andre Luiz de Castro Martins. On the early morning of Sunday, July 27, Van Ness used his service weapon to fire at least three shots at Martins, who had been driving an automobile at a high rate of speed and who failed to stop for the officer. Although Van Ness had stopped his cruiser in an attempt to block the automobile and gotten out, O'Keefe said Martins did not stop but continued to try to maneuver his car. The district attorney said the officer had good reason to fear imminent great bodily harm or death from being crushed against his cruiser or run over by the automobile, and was justified by reason of self-defense in shooting Martins. One of the shots perforated Martins' heart and a lung, killing him. To convict Van Ness of a crime, O'Keefe said, the state would bear the burden of showing that the right of self-defense didn't exist, and must disprove that right beyond a reasonable doubt. Neither, he said, was supported by the evidence."

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