Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kentucky resident shoots and kills intruder: "Lexington police have made an arrest in a burglary that turned fatal Wednesday morning at an apartment complex near Hamburg Pavilion. Reginald Laron Jones, 24, of Lexington has been charged with first-degree burglary. Police say he was one of three people, including a man who was killed by a male resident in the apartment and a female, who charged into the apartment Wednesday morning. Officers are conferring with the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office as they explore whether the shooting was self-defense, said Officer Ann Gutierrez, a Lexington police spokeswoman. The shooting was being treated as a homicide Wednesday morning as police canvassed an area at Gleneagles Apartments at 2920 Polo Club Boulevard and interviewed witnesses. Investigators were told the couple who lives in the apartment answered knocks at the door and were “rushed by several people,” Gutierrez said. The intruders had handguns, she said. One of the occupants in the apartment got a handgun and shot one of the men. He was found dead inside the apartment when police arrived. Gutierrez said police are looking at whether a 2006 law, commonly called the castle doctrine, applies to this case. Under the law, Kentucky residents can shoot an intruder without fear of being arrested."

Michigan defender dies of heart attack: "A Kalamazoo man died from a heart attack following a struggle with a thief at his residence. It was around 4 a.m. Sunday when the incident occurred in the 1300 block of Homecrest Avenue. Joe Rizzutto, 64, confronted the suspect who was trying to break into the Rizzutto's vehicle. The two men got into a scuffle in the driveway and Rizzutto shot the suspect in a leg. Rizzutto then suffered a massive heart attack. Officers arrived and began CPR on Rizzutto who was taken to a hospital where he later died. The suspect, a 38-year-old Kalamazoo resident, was taken to a hospital where he is in serious condition. Friends believe the attempted break-in was random and that Rizzutto was protecting his family and property."

Indiana lurker shot: "The shadowy figure in the kitchen window didn't answer Saturday night when confronted by the homeowner who shouted repeated warnings. So it wasn't until after the burglar was shot trying to run out the back door that the homeowner discovered he'd wounded his second cousin. "He told me he yelled, 'I'm armed, I called the police,' but the man inside never said anything," Detective Jeff Hornyak said Sunday. Todd K. Godfrey, 46, was shot in the wrist about 10:20 p.m. by his relative, 51-year-old Tarold Blakey, as he tried to leave through a basement door. Blakey said he and his fiance had returned to his home in the 2500 block of Tyler Street and saw a silhouette in the kitchen. He called police, then shouted to the intruder, police said. When Blakey realized the man was trying to flee, he fired a single warning shot. "That's when the guy finally says something," Hornyak said. Police found the house had been ransacked, but nothing appeared to be missing."

NYC man shot by "Craigslist" gun files suit: "A Manhattan boutique owner is suing for $10 million, claiming he was shot with a gun purchased on the popular Web site. Calvin Gibson, 50, who was shot six times by his schizophrenic neighbor in the East Village on July 24, believes the classified site is partially responsible. "But for defendant's negligence in failing to supervise and monitor the content of the ads placed on its Internet service, [the shooter] could never have legally obtained the handgun," according to the lawsuit filed yesterday in Manhattan federal court. The alleged gunman, Jesus Ortiz, who is being held without bail, "has a psychiatric history and a history of violent crime," Gibson claims in the suit, and could never have qualified for a gun permit. "New York has an extremely stringent gun law," the suit says. He claims Ortiz told the cops that he bought the gun on craigslist, and that the suspect's mother told others the same story. Gibson was shot after he stopped at a deli on East Seventh Street near Avenue D. A teen, Mohammed Islam, 18, was also wounded in the random attack."

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