Tuesday, September 16, 2008

FL: Teens get shot plus 12 years jail for armed break-in: "Two young men, just 15 and 18 when they got involved in a botched armed robbery attempt orchestrated by a 51-year-old convicted felon, were sentenced to minimum mandatory prison terms in court Tuesday. Circuit Judge Brian Lambert sentenced Justin Tyler, now 19, to 10-year sentences on two counts, the minimum time allowed, for serving as a principal to a home invasion robbery with firearm and as a principal to the burglary of a dwelling with firearm.... The robbery attempt took place at a home in Summerfield when six people were inside - Green, his son, Geoffrey, and four of his friends. Hanna carried a loaded .38 caliber revolver, Tyler an unloaded .25-caliber weapon, and Hodges, a lookalike BB pistol. Besides Tyler and Hanna, who was also struck by the WASR-10 [assault rifle] during a brief shootout, no one was injured."

Georgia: DA won't retry man in road-rage killing: "After trying to imprison a man who claimed self defense in a road-rage killing, District Attorney Paul Howard now says it is in the "interest of justice" the man stay free. A jury deadlocked last July in the manslaughter trial of Charles Anthony Key, who was indicted for killing an Iraq war veteran during an argument at a traffic stop.... the victim, Jack Snook, got out of his vehicle and approached the car of the defendant "I didn't want to kill anyone," Key told Atlanta police detectives during a two-hour interrogation after the shooting. "This is strictly self-defense. This guy was making threats on my life." Snook's friends said he was belligerent and drunk but never actually threatened Key".

UT: City, county gun bans defy state law, foes say: "A pro-gun rights group wants to stop what it says are "petty bureaucrats" from banning guns in their local jurisdictions - an act they say is against state law.The independent gun rights network Gun Owners of Utah is calling on its members to look for signs at places such as airports, buses and local parks banning guns. After a list of such signs is compiled, members from GOUtah! will ask local leaders to take the signs down and revise their rules and ordinances."What we want to do is help all the local and county agencies come into compliance with state law," said Charles Hardy, policy director for GOUtah!. "The first thing we've gotta do is find out who isn't in compliance."

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