Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ohio gas station clerk fires at suspects: "The incident occurred about 10:30 p.m. Sunday at the Sunoco gas station, 6340 River Rd., Cincinnati police said. Three men came into the store and one of them took a case of Budweiser without paying and pulled out a gun, police said. The clerk, Hanny Ashishi, 22, fired a shot as they ran out, police said this morning. One of the suspects, Larry Clay, 19, of Delhi Township, was grazed in the head with glass and suffered non-life threatening injuries, police said. An initial police report said the man was grazed by a bullet. Clay was charged with one count of theft, a police report shows. Two accomplices also were charged. Joseph Phillips, 20, and Joshua Brauer, 19, also of Delhi Township, were booked into the Hamilton County jail charged of theft and receiving stolen property, jail officials said this morning..... On Wednesday, a West Price Hill store owner fired two shots at but did not hit an armed robber who ran off and remains at large. Earlier in the week, a college student just getting off work in the East End stabbed an armed carjacker who also tried to steal his wallet. The alleged carjacker, Daniel Jackson, was taken to University Hospital with critical injuries."

MD: Strange murder charge -- sounds more like self-defense: "Frederick County Sheriff's Deputies have charged a Mount Airy man with attempted second-degree murder after he fired shots into the ground and pointed the gun at another man. Forty-five-year year old Peter Thomas Eaton Junior is being held in lieu of $350,000 bail after his arrest on Sunday. Deputies say a man went to Eaton's house after Eaton backed into the man's vehicle. Authorities say Eaton took out a gun, fired several shots into the ground and pointed the weapon at the man. Eaton's attorney says his client did fire shots into the ground, but wasn't trying to murder anyone."

GA: Post office scuffle ends in gunfire: "A scuffle erupted into gunfire at a South Georgia post office Monday morning. A man apparently waited in some bushes outside the Smithville Post office to ambush another man. Sixty-five year old Jack Beamon is in jail. Investigators say Beamon's wife works there and he confronted one of her co-workers around 7:40 Monday morning. The two argued and Beamon pulled out a .38 caliber revolver. When a second post office employee tried to take the gun, it discharged. No one was shot. A retired state trooper apprehended Beamon and held him until deputies arrived. Beamon is charged with aggravated assault while federal firearm charges are pending."

NM: A very strange case: "A Carlsbad man will face charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon stemming from a domestic incident in July during which he allegedly held a pregnant woman at gunpoint before shooting himself in the arm.... police were called to a residence in the 500 block of South Maple Street with a report of shots fired. Officers responding to the scene saw a woman, identified as Ana Terrones, running from the residence carrying a firearm. Terrones surrendered the weapon to police and explained that her ex-boyfriend, identified as Jacquez, had used it to shoot himself in the arm. She further told officers that Jacquez had broken into her house, firing the weapon and threatening her, the complaint states. She told police that as she tried to call for help, Jacquez forced his way into the bathroom where she was hiding and pointed the gun at her head while she pleaded with him about the safety of her unborn child, the complaint alleges. He then pointed the gun at his left arm and shot himself, she said. He then dropped it, enabling her to grab the gun and escape.

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MiscBlogger101 said...

Trust me - the "MD: Strange murder charge -- sounds more like self-defense" was definitely not self-defense, I'm sad to say. I know this man very well and the other man should be thankful he wasn't killed. Mr. Eaton has a clear drug and rage problem and when they are drinking and doing drugs (pretty much constantly)...they don't care whose lives they hurt or put in jeopardy (including their own and their children). This isn't the first time this type of situation has happened, this is just the first report of it. But these rages are becoming more frequent so it's no wonder it led to this. I pray all the time for their two children; they are like my own. But what do you do; what can you do?