Thursday, September 04, 2008

South Carolina: Home Invader Shot Twice: "Greenville County deputies said they are investigating a home invasion that ended with an exchange of gunfire between the resident of the home and the burglar. The break-in happened at 669 Rutherford Road at the Magnolia Place Apartments just before 5:30 a.m. Wednesday. Investigators said someone forced their way into one of the apartments. They said once the burglar was inside, the resident of the apartment opened fire, hitting the burglar twice. The burglar also opened fire, they said. The intruder was taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital to be treated for his injuries. The resident was not injured. Neither the name of the victim nor the injured person was released."

Texas: 2 intruders shot, 1 killed: "Police say a homeowner wrested a shotgun from an intruder and shot him and a fellow intruder in his suburban Fort Worth home. One of the men died of his wound in the shooting early Wednesday in Blue Mound, while the other is hospitalized in Fort Worth. Keith and Kellie Hoehn (HAYN) tell police the intruders kicked in their front door and pointed a shotgun at Mrs. Hoehn's head. She brushed the barrel aside, and a struggle ensued. The husband disarmed the armed intruder and shot both. Investigators say the homeowner is unlikely be charged. They say he shot the men out of concern for his sleeping children. Police say they believe the intruders had broken into the garage of another house nearby earlier in the night."

LA: Police settle open carry lawsuit: "Mark Marchiafava says he's earned the right to wear his .357-caliber Magnum pistol in a hip holster in Gonzales. And, he says at a local mall, city residents paid him to demonstrate that right. 'I wish the taxpayers of Gonzales knew just how much money it is,' the 55-year-old Marchiafava adds. In January 2006, the longtime Baton Rouge resident was at the same mall, wearing the same pistol, when a Gonzales police officer asked him why he was carrying a gun. Marchiafava says he told the officer that non-felons can legally carry firearms that are not concealed. That exchange led to Marchiafava's arrest on a count of illegal carrying of a weapon. ... But the case later was dismissed, and Marchiafava's bond and weapon were returned to him. Marchiafava didn't let the dispute fade away. He sued for violation of his constitutional right to bear arms. The city recently settled the case by paying Marchiafava an undisclosed amount of money."

Just sometimes there are better things than guns: "A 22-year-old suspected truck burglar made a dirty mistake after he tried to hide inside a portable toilet on Saturday. Tampa police said the man broke into two pickup trucks at a parking lot and the owner of the second truck fought the suspect and chased him to a nearby construction site. The suspect tried to hide in the Port-O-Let, but the victim found him and turned it over, covering him in huge amounts of human waste. The man was been charged with auto burglary and possession of burglary tools."

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