Friday, February 13, 2009

Arizona homeowner takes on four Hispanic invaders: "A homeowner, alerted of an impending home invasion by his security cameras, arms himself and takes matters into his hands last Thursday when four armed suspects attempt to break into his home. The video the owner caught is incredible, and you can see it by watching the video link to the left. You see a vehicle pull up, and four men run out. One of them is carrying what appears to be an AR-15 or M-16, a weapon which could be fully automatic. The robbery happened last Thursday in broad daylight at a home on West Vande Loo Street. All the action was caught by the homeowners outdoor surveillance system. "The victim was able to get back inside his house, close his door, semi barricade it, reach for [a] weapon that was easily accessible," says Pima County Sheriff's Deputy Earl Gieron. The homeowner shot at the suspects. He even put a bullet through the windshield of the suspects car, which is also caught on camera. The four men retreated and took off. All of them remain on the run."

Four states, among last holdouts, eye open-carry gun laws: "Four Southern states - Texas, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Arkansas - are considering legislation that would allow people to carry handguns openly in a holster. These generally Second Amendment-friendly states are among the last six holdouts against open carrying of guns. Openly carrying handguns is legal in most states, even those that ban concealed firearms. New York and Florida also bar openly carrying handguns. The four other states that ban so-called open carry `are extremely gun-friendly. They understand the individual-rights aspect. Yet for whatever reason, the carry laws in these states are restrictive,' says John Pierce, a co-founder of, which promotes gun rights."

How do we really get out from under the financial crisis? No, really?: "At this hour, twenty states are petitioning for state sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. This is new this month. California is among those seeking Sovereignty. Twenty more are likely to join the new movement. One of the first things we do in meeting this immense financial boondoggles along with others is to affirm our sovereignty .. What does this have to do with a Gun Rights Examiner? Shouldn't Longenecker be talking about the Second Amendment? Let's talk about both. Our independence from our own public servants is exhibited continuously 24/7 simply by our not needing them .. The only reason for gun control is to make the people helpless so the government can appear to be necessary."

Anti-gun land bill on the move: "Lost in all the news of the massive bailout bill that just passed the Senate is another enormous bill, one that increases federal control of public and private land. Of particular concern to gun owners is that the bill, S. 22, will greatly expand the amount of land controlled by the National Park Service. NPS land is currently subject to a gun ban."

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