Tuesday, February 24, 2009

California woman fends off suspected burglar with gunshot: "A woman fended off an alleged burglar by shooting at him after he tried breaking into her Octillo Drive home on Tuesday morning, according to Barstow Police. The suspect was later arrested in a nearby backyard. The 49-year-old resident fired one shot and missed the suspect, Eric Charles Anderson of Barstow, who allegedly tried to break into her home through several entryways. Police believe Anderson, 27, first tried to open at least one door to the home, according to a Barstow Police report. Anderson then removed a screen to a bedroom window and forced the window open. As Anderson started coming into the window, the armed resident threatened to shoot him from inside the home if he came nearer, according to police. He left toward the front of the home where he tried to break in again. The woman then shot at Anderson and he fled. Barstow Police officers responded to the incident at about 8:10 a.m. and found Anderson hiding in a nearby backyard, according to the report. No injuries were reported. Police could not release information on the victim or the type of gun involved in the incident, according to Sgt. Mark Franey. Police found that the bullet fired by the resident missed Anderson and struck a wall across from the home. The woman reported to police that she did not know the suspect. Anderson was taken into custody and booked into jail at the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Barstow station on a charge of burglary. His bail is set at $10,000."

Ohio Armed Robber Gets Shot At: "Daniel Lee and Erin Beckwith were eating dinner at the Green Papaya restaurant in Oakley around 6 p.m. Saturday when suddenly police swarmed the parking lot. "We were out celebrating a friends birthday. And didn't hear anything. Next thing we know we saw a number of cop cars and we saw the lights outside and had no idea what was going on," said Beckwith. Little did Lee and Beckwith know, just feet away the family-owned Natural Life Nutrition Center had just been robbed. The clerk face to face with the armed robber was the owner's son. "He complied with the demands that were made by the gunman. He turned over the cash that belonged to the store. As the gunman turned to leave, he felt threatened once again. The gunman raised his firearm towards the employee of the store. At that point, the employee then returned fire," said Sgt. Darryl Morton with the Cincinnati Police Department. Police say the store was robbed last year. Since then, the owner's son has been armed with a small caliber handgun. After shooting at the robber several times, the man ran out of the store. Police arrested a suspect less than a mile away in the Rookwood Pavilion parking lot just minutes later."

Louisiana homeowner shoots, wounds burglar: "A man police say was trying to rob a house ended up in the hospital after he was shot by the homeowner. It happened just after midnight Friday morning in the 2800 block of Corbitt Street. Police say the homeowner entered the house and discovered 28-year-old Fredrick Dickerson inside. Police say the homeowner grabbed a gun and shot Dickerson in both legs. Dickerson managed to run away but was caught just around the corner. Police say he could be connected to other crimes in the area. "Our detectives did locate some other items on his person that may have been stolen in other crimes," said Shreveport Police Corporal Bill Goodin. Dickerson was taken to LSU Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. After he was treated for his wounds he was booked into the Shreveport City Jail on a charge of attempted burglary."

AK: Second Amendment Task Force plans open carry days: "A growing group of Fairbanks gun rights activists will show their support for the Second Amendment today by openly carrying guns. `We're going to have an open carry day,' Schaeffer Cox, unofficial leader of the Second Amendment Task Force, said Thursday. Members of the task force, which he called a `movement' more than a group or organization, will be displaying their firearms openly across Alaska's second largest city on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for the next two weeks, Cox said."

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