Monday, February 02, 2009

TX: Off-duty Officer Fatally Shoots Armed Robber: "A U.S. customs agent fatally shot one of two suspects who were allegedly trying to rob a southwest Houston liquor store Friday evening. The shooting occurred around 8:15 p.m. inside a liquor store in the 1200 block of Queensbury after a young male allegedly pointed a gun at an employee and went behind the counter to get cash. An off-duty U.S. customs agent buying some items inside the store confronted the armed suspect with his own weapon and opened fire when the suspect allegedly pointed the gun toward at the agent. At the same time the second suspect, opened the front door with a weapon in hand and open fire on the officer, but did not hit him. The second suspect then fled on foot."

La. Clerk draws gun. Robber runs: "On Thursday, police said a man walked into the Tobacco Hut service station on Lee Street and put a pistol on the counter. The man then demanded money. Instead of handing the gunman money, the clerk pulled a gun from out from under the counter and pointed it at the alleged robber. The robber ran from the store with the clerk following him. Police said the clerk told officers that he fired a shot at the man, but it was aimed above his head, according to the police report. The case remains under investigation, officers said Friday."

Nationwide concealed carry, Part III: A national paradigm shift: "Americans are tired of being bullied. We're tired of being hated, mischaracterized as jingoistic when we're working for self-defense and safer streets. In 2009, when we speak of the armed citizen, we are speaking about being able to resist in the absence of police such that many, many nonsense policies which depend on our surrender are impeached as worthless. .. A new paradigm shift is required to return America to its way of life, and that calls for the deeper understanding of what are mere opinion and of what are genuine safeguards in our society. Our sovereign authority is one of those safeguards. The armed citizen is a safeguard of our society against boondoggles which try to take your place on so many levels, from safety to parenting to national security."

WA: Court action prompts resumption of alien firearms license program : "The Second Amendment Foundation and National Rifle Association this week have won a preliminary injunction against the Washington State Department of Licensing that requires the state to resume processing applications by legal resident aliens for alien firearms licenses. The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington in Seattle also ordered that license renewals and applications sought by three individual Washington residents participating in the lawsuit also be processed."

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