Thursday, February 19, 2009

FL: Homeowner fires gun at attempted robbery suspects: "Collier County sheriff's deputies are on the lookout for three men in a light blue minivan who they say attempted a home invasion Wednesday night in Golden Gate Estates, but fled when the homeowner shot at them. Around 8:51 p.m. the three men attempted to enter a home in the 3600 block of 36th Avenue Southeast off Everglades Boulevard, Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Karie Partington said. The homeowner saw a light blue minivan pull up in the back yard. "She gets a shotgun and fires two rounds of birdshot at the van," Partington said. It is unclear if any of the three men, who were described as Hispanic, were shot, authorities said. Deputies, dogs and a Sheriff's Office helicopter were all searching for a minivan with damage."

Elderly man shoots burglar at Australian winery: "An elderly man shot an intruder at his winery after surprising two men in an apparent burglary attempt, police say. Police spokesman Rex Haw said the wounded man escaped from the Herne Hill property after the shooting about 9.55pm (WDT) last night, but was later located at a Perth hospital. "There appears to have been a burglary at this winery at Herne Hill," Mr Haw said. "The bloke has disturbed the offenders and shot one of them. "The wound wasn't fatal, and the offenders have shot through." The wounded man sought treatment at the Swan Districts Hospital and was taken to Royal Perth Hospital for surgery. The ABC reported the homeowner was in his 80s and was a carer for his wife.

Canada: Board of control defers decision on gun ban : "Challenged by Toronto Mayor David Miller to support his efforts to ban handguns across Canada, London's board of control ducked today, deferring the decision to another day. When no one on the board seconded Controller Gina Barber's motion to support the ban, her colleagues instead asked staff to prepare a second option: A ban that would create exclusions for those who own legally registered guns. . Controller Bud Polhill opposed the delay, noting that the second option simply mimicked the current federal gun ban, which also creates an exception. The delay came after a lengthy presentation by the East Elgin Sportsman Club, which argued that bans are ineffective and a waste of money."

Illinois panel OK's concealed-carry gun law: "An Illinois House panel overwhelmingly approved legislation Wednesday that would allow residents to carry concealed handguns or other weapons in public. Illinois and Wisconsin are the only two states in the country that do not allow concealed carry. The House Agriculture and Conservation Committee advanced two versions of the legislation by an 11-1 vote. One version would require the Illinois State Police to issue the concealed carry permits; the other would task county sherrifs with issuing permits. Both bills would require permit applicants to be "law-abiding citizens" and to complete a training course in handgun use, safety, marksmanship and laws pertaining to firearm use. "It's high time Illinois join the overwhelming majority" of states that allow concealed carry, said Todd Vandermyde, legislative liaison for the National Rifle Association. "Forty-eight other states can't be wrong." Vandermyde said carrying a handgun is critical for self-defense. "If I don't have the ability to have a firearm on my side, I don't have a fighting chance," he said."

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