Wednesday, February 18, 2009

OH: One robber dead, the other up on murder charge: "Terry L. Baccus may not have fired the deadly shot but he’s still facing the consequences. Baccus, accused of trying to rob a resident here last week, is facing a murder charge after his partner was shot to death by the robbery victim, Cincinnati homicide investigators said. Details of the last week's botched robbery emerged today when homicide investigators filed the charges against Baccus for the death of Antonio S. Rainey, 29, of Avondale. Rainey was found dead, lying against a fence in front of the Duke Energy Station at Lincoln and Ashland Avenues around 7 a.m. on Feb. 10. The discovery came more than eight hours after the shooting. At the scene, homicide investigators found multiple shell casings, said Cincinnati Sgt. Gary Conner. It took days before enough clues emerged to unravel the case. Investigators believe Rainey and Baccus, 28, of Lower Price Hill, tried to rob a resident in the 1300 block of Lincoln Avenue the night before Rainey's body was discovered. The two men showed a gun but the victim had his own, Conner said. "During the robbery, the victim drew a weapon and fired several shots as Rainey and Baccus fled," Conner said. Both Rainey and Baccus were struck. Baccus was shot once in the leg and was still recovering at University Hospital when police charged him with murder and aggravated robbery Tuesday afternoon. "If you're robbing someone and your partner is shot and killed, you can be charged with the homicide," Conner said. The robbery victim has not been charged as the incident remains under investigation."

KC police identify robber shot by store owner: "Kansas City police today identified a robbery suspect who died after being shot by a store owner and involved in a car wreck Sunday afternoon. Christopher L. Kublic, 28, moved to Kansas City from the state of Washington within the past month, police said. Along with another man, Kublic allegedly tried to hold up a hydroponics store using a stun gun about 5:15 p.m. Sunday in the 3600 block of St. John Avenue, in the city's Northeast neighborhood. The store owner told police he pulled his own gun and shot the robber. Shortly after the holdup, a vehicle matching the suspects' was found overturned about three blocks away. Kublic was lying next to the wrecked vehicle. He was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The second suspect remained at-large this afternoon, police said."

NV: burglary suspect fatally shot by homeowner : "A homeowner fatally shot a burglary suspect Sunday afternoon at his northeast valley residence. . Homicide Lt. Lew Roberts said that about 4:15 p.m., police responded to a shooting at a residence .. Roberts said the homeowner reported returning home and finding the suspect inside. Police did not identify the suspect, who died at the scene, or the homeowner. Roberts said the deceased appeared to be in his 30s. He did not know whether the suspect was armed. Roberts said it appears the homeowner would not be charged but emphasized that the investigation was in its early stages. Roberts added the homeowner's gun appeared to be registered."

What's next - a .499 caliber ban? : "After so-called `assault weapons,' the second most popular target of the gun prohibitionists would probably be .50 caliber rifles. The ostensible `logic' (being generous here) is that such rifles are `too powerful' to be entrusted to private citizens. Nightmare scenarios of airliners being shot down, or tanks of dangerous chemicals being breached, are breathlessly trotted out in efforts to frighten the public. One thing never mentioned in discussions of these potential disasters is an account of anything like that ever happening, anywhere in the world. The very simple reason for that is that nothing like that ever has happened."

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