Tuesday, February 10, 2009

OH: Quick decision needed. Man killed: "Jerome Washington knocked on the door of a man he had previously fought with, apparently intending to accuse him of breaking into his apartment. Washington chose to bring a realistic looking toy gun with him. The man he confronted thought it was real and shot and killed Washington. Police ruled it a justifiable homicide. Washington's grandmother disagreed. Exactly what does she believe he intended to do? Judging from the circumstances, it looks like Washington had hoped to intimidate his victim with the fake firearm. The other man had no way of knowing the firearm wasn't real, and took action to protect himself. It would be no different if someone waved a toy gun at a police officer. A person has to make a quick decision with the information available at the time, and when faced with what looks like a real gun, you can't afford to conduct an investigation on the spot.

CA: Gun hater in trouble: "Eight months into office, Sheriff Sandra Hutchens is locked in a bitter power struggle with the same Board of Supervisors that appointed her. And the two sides could soon end up in court. What started as a debate over Hutchens' plan to reduce concealed weapons permits has morphed into a multi-faceted fight with supervisors, who accuse her department of spying, bullying and misusing public property. Twice in recent weeks, Hutchens has publicly apologized to board members . Supervisor Chris Norby responded this week by sending a mass e-mail accusing Hutchens of mounting a `misguided jihad' on gun-rights advocates, prompting calls from Hutchens' supporters for Norby to apologize."

The twin threats of socialism and gun control : "The confirmation of Eric Holder as the new U.S. attorney general is being celebrated as one more `historic' moment in American politics. Holder is the first African American appointed as the nation's highest-ranking law-enforcement officer. He may also be the most anti-gun attorney general in U.S. history. Reason magazine called him an `outspoken gun control advocate' who as deputy attorney general and then acting attorney general `pushed for sweeping and restrictive gun control measures throughout his career while also endorsing the now-discredited collective rights interpretation of the Second Amendment.'"

Total gun control? : "HR 45 is nothing more than total gun control/ gun registration. Under HR 45; to own a handgun or a semiautomatic firearm with a detachable feeding device (get real) you must obtain a license from the attorney general of the United States government or its assigned representative. This representative could be a private organization under contract by the United States Government. There is no grandfather clause in this proposed legislation, any firearm that is owned before or after this law goes into effect, you must get a government issued license to keep that firearm."

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