Friday, February 20, 2009

North Carolina robber caught red-handed: "According to the Sampson County Sheriff's Office and the homeowners, Richard Corderro Woods, 21, of Asbury Road in Fayetteville was arrested Tuesday morning after Bryan Tew came home and allegedly saw Mr. Woods coming out the back door of his home in the 600 block of Eldon Store Road in the Mingo community. Mr. Tew, a local turkey farmer, said he was driving his tractor down the road to fill it with fuel around 11:30 when he noticed an unfamiliar Buick Roadmaster with a burgundy top parked in his garage with the trunk open. He said he parked his John Deere in front of the car, jumped down and was reaching behind the seat of his pickup truck for his rifle when he heard Mr. Woods kick open the back door, heard broken glass and saw him step outside with an armload of electronics, Wii games and a jar of change. "You ever see those cartoons where their eyes get big as saucers? That's what he looked like," Mr. Tew said. "I yelled at him and when he saw that gun, he sat the stuff down on the freezer near the back door turned around and ran back into the house." Mr. Tew said he chased Mr. Woods and caught up with him when Mr. Woods slipped on the linoleum near the front door of the home. "I told him to stay down and put his hands out," Mr. Tew said.... Sampson County Sheriff Jimmy Thornton said as it turns out, Mr. Tew had apprehended a suspect his office had been looking for since the middle of January in connection with several break-ins in the area. "We didn't know who he was, but we were looking for the automobile," he said. "Every time the automobile was spotted in that end of the county, he was gone by the time we got there... "He had merchandise in his car that tied him to crimes in Cumberland County and Fayetteville," Sheriff Thornton said"

Texas Hispanic burglar shot: "Irvin Horton, 64, was notified by his burglar alarm company of an active alarm at his business at 1012 Avenue Oaks shortly before 3am. When he arrived, he observed a suspicious vehicle occupied by the suspect, parked in the driveway adjacent to his business. Horton also noticed the gate to his business had been forced open and articles had been removed from a locked storage trailer inside the property. Police say Horton confronted the suspect while the man was inside the vehicle and told him to get out. The suspect refused and made a sudden movement inside the vehicle and reached for an unknown article. The suspect then started the vehicle and attempted to strike Horton as he attempted to drive away. Horton fired at the vehicle's front tire. The suspect continued to drive away while Horton continued to fire additional shots at the fleeing vehicle. The suspect lost control of the vehicle and struck a concrete drainage culvert at Robertson and Woodard. The suspect, described only as a Hispanic male, was transported to Ben Taub General Hospital in critical condition from injuries sustained during the incident. Horton was not injured."

Washington man shoots thug: "A robbery suspect was shot dead by an armed civilian late Monday, the first incident of justifiable homicide city police said they could recall in recent memory. Franklin McWain, 33, died at a hospital from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. An autopsy was performed Tuesday. A police news release said the shooting occurred in the 800 block of North Second Street about 11 p.m. Monday. According to the release, a 27-year-old Yakima man told officers he was waiting outside a residence for a friend when he was approached by McWain. The man, identified as Michael Valadez, 27, said McWain struck him on the head with a stick and demanded money. Valadez told police he was struck several more times before firing two shots at McWain. Valadez had a valid concealed weapons permit. Valadez ran from the area and flagged down a passing police officer. He was taken to a hospital for treatment of a head wound and a broken left arm. The release said police found evidence at the scene that backed up the man's story. He has not been charged with a crime. McWain was a longtime Yakima resident whose criminal history included six felonies, police said. Court records show he was found guilty of charges related to eluding, theft and drugs, among other offenses."

Florida intruder shot: "One man is dead and a couple is left shaken after a home-invasion robbery turned deadly early Monday. The intruder wound up dead after he was shot by Heath Miller, 34, a popular music teacher at Howell L. Watkins Middle School. The dead man is identified as Robert Rishard Tomlin, 22 [above]. According to Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office spokesman Pete Palenzuela, Tomlin entered the home Miller was renting through a back sliding-glass door at about at approximately 1:50 a.m. Miller told authorities he saw the silhouette of an individual with a handgun coming through the bedroom door and fired. Miller and his wife Mirelle were quite shaken and were staying with his parents, said his mother Harma Miller, a former Belle Glade mayor who served for 14 years as a city commissioner. Several youths in the neighborhood said they saw Tomlin, whom they knew as "Shard," Sunday night when he visited friends at their apartment complex. He has been arrested multiple times, according to records, for everything from assaulting police officers to domestic violence. Miller had concealed weapons permits from 1999 to 2003, according to records, which are no longer public. Detectives recovered a .40-caliber handgun Tomlin used in the home invasion, according to Palenzuela."

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