Thursday, June 23, 2011

AR: Robbery Attempt Leaves Employee Stabbed, Suspect Shot: "A possible armed robbery gone wrong leaves one man shot and another stabbed. Police say at this point, it seems a man in the store stabbed shop clerk Chris Leach, who then shot the would-be robber. If this turns out to be a stick up gone south, the suspect who was shot could be facing several felony charges. Prosecutors will have to determine if the employee acted in self-defense. "If we didn't have that gun in the store, Chris could have been a worse victim than what he was," Dunnigan said. Both men were transported to Washington Regional Hospital. Leach is in good condition after suffering a stab wound. The suspect wielding the knife has not been identified, but he has undergone surgery for a gunshot wound to the chest. Police say they have an idea of the man's identity but have not been able to confirm they are correct as of yet."

Still no concealed carry law in Illinois: "In response to the concealed carry bill about to become law in Wisconsin, Illinois Democratic Governor Pat Quinn demonstrated his ignorance of the subject when he stated "...concealed carry law would put first responders and the public at risk by allowing more weapons- hidden weapons- in public places." While the governor is simply parroting the Democratic Party's mantra, what he says is simply not true. As the state of Illinois plunges into an economic abyss caused by the inept policies of Quinn himself, and as a result crime is on the rise, especially the new-fangled "flash-mob" attacks, Governor Quinn is simply putting his head in the sand and ignoring the situation and the facts. Studies have clearly demonstrated that concealed carry laws actually decrease crime, as well as the costs of crime to society--something the Governor needs to recognize before he and his Democratic allies in the General Assembly lose their jobs."

Second open letter to the gunowners of the United Kingdom: "I have just finished reading the latest replies to my first Open Letter, sent out the Monday before last. Most are rather flattering. Some are abusive. These first I have acknowledged privately. The second I have ignored. There is, however, a third class of reply -- from people who broadly share my belief in the free ownership of guns, but who still misunderstand what I am trying to do. I am writing this second Open Letter with those people in mind."

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