Saturday, June 25, 2011

KY: Grand jury dismisses assault case: "Charges against a Richmond man accused of assault were dismissed Wednesday by a Madison grand jury. Vernon Stepp, 65, was arrested May 16 for allegedly shooting Paul Thomas Anglin, 23, in the lower left side of his torso with a .32-caliber revolver. He was charged with first-degree assault. “After reviewing the evidence, and speaking to the witnesses in this case, it is clear that Vernon Stepp was acting in self defense and that his behavior was justified under the circumstances,” Baechtold said. “It is suspicious to everyone that the alleged victim and his brother-in-law, who are approximately 20 years old, would make the choice to fight a 65-year-old man.”

AR: Would-be robber shot: "Three robbers tried to hold up a Little Rock apparel store Thursday night but were thwarted by an employee, Little Rock police said. Officers responding to a robbery call at Hip Hop Sportswear on 6624 Colonel Glenn Road said employee Iyad Otham told them, as described in the police report, that "three homosexual black men" entered the business. Two of the suspects approached the counter and displayed firearms and pepper spray. He told officers that they sprayed him and he was able to knock a gun from one of the suspect's hands, but another suspect fired shots at him. Otham then picked up the gun that had fallen, according to an incident report, and fired back, hitting one of the suspects. The suspects fled."

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