Monday, June 20, 2011

GA: Unidentified Suspect Shot in Home Invasion: "Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police are trying to identify a suspect shot during a home invasion this morning. The suspect, who received a life-threatening injury, was one of three men who forced one victim into the house, pointed a gun at a 23-year-old woman sleeping with her infant son, and ran from the residence when the child’s father shot at them. The incident took place in the 2200 block of Hawthorne Street about 1 a.m. when at least two of the intruders approached a 22-year-old cousin of the father in the front yard and tried to rob him. The cousin ran into the house and the assailants followed. One suspect pointed a gun at the cousin as a second went into a bedroom and tried to rob the woman. The 28-year-old father had been alerted by barking dogs and picked up his gun. When he heard an altercation in the living room, he walked in and opened fire on the intruders, who ran, dropping a handgun as they fled. A fourth occupant of the house picked up the handgun and fired at the fleeing intruders. The unnamed suspect was found in a vacant lot beside the house."

AL: Burglary suspect shot: "A Tuscumbia man remains in Huntsville Hospital recovering from injuries he sustained after he was shot by a homeowner after a break-in, officials said. ... Investigators said David 'Smokey' Simmons, 69, who lives at the residence, is accused of shooting Johnson after he reportedly caught Johnson inside the house and a fight took place between the two men."

Is the Second Amendment check against tyranny obsolete?: "Based on all the idiot edicts they’re trying to pass, the government fears an armed populace. That means the Second Amendment is doing its job as a deterrent, and things can be resolved peaceably, without it having to become a remedy. It’s when they no longer fear an armed citizenry that things will get really dangerous and more likely to heat up."

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