Friday, June 17, 2011

CO: Woman who killed man, wounded another, won't face charges: "The Weld County District Attorney’s Office announced Thursday that it will not file criminal charges against a woman who killed a man and wounded another at her home in what she said was an attempted burglary. Karen Cordova, 48, of Erie was initially arrested on charges of second-degree homicide and attempted second-degree homicide. They now say she may have acted in self-defense after the two men botched a robbery. Authorities say 40-year-old Stephen Erickson, also from Erie, drove to a friend's home after he was stabbed. He was listed in critical condition in a Lafayette hospital. Authorities found the body of a second man, identified as Kyle Dust, at Cordova's house while investigating Erickson's stabbing. An autopsy showed Dust died from a gunshot wound. Cordova told police the two men broke into her house where she grows medical marijuana."

MT: Husband told he should not have fired back at group who shot his wife (??): "The husband of a woman struck in the head by a bullet during a gunfight in December pleaded guilty Thursday to a felony charge. Steven Jay Schmaing, 27, appeared before Judge G. Todd Baugh and admitted to a charge of felony criminal endangerment for returning gunfire during a shooting at an Underpass Avenue storage facility. Schmaing told the judge he acted in self-defense when he fired several times at a pickup truck after his wife was hit with gunfire. But Schmaing acknowledged that his role in the shooting caused a substantial risk of serious injury to bystanders. Schmaing admitted to the charge as part of a plea agreement that calls for prosecutors to recommend a suspended sentence of 10 years. Schmaing returned fire with a .45-caliber pistol, firing into the truck five times over his shoulder as the vehicles separated. None of the of the four people inside the truck were injured. Lundberg [shooter], 26, is awaiting trial on a charge of attempted murder. She is being held in the county jail on $250,000 bond."

GA: Bar owner shoots at club goers: "A group of club goers shot up Sports Zone Bar and Grill because they weren't ready to leave. The club bouncer was shot in the leg and taken to Phoebe Putney Hospital. The club owner, Reginald Gordon, used his gun in self-defense. At some point, the five men started shooting at the building. That's when the owner came outside with his shot-gun and fired back. Police say the group this morning left in three different cars including a Chevy Impala, a White Expedition and a burgundy car."

SAF leads coalition in amicus filing for Colorado carry case: "The Second Amendment Foundation has been joined by 17 other firearms rights groups in an amicus brief filed in a case now before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, challenging laws that prohibit the carrying of firearms by law-abiding non-resident U.S. citizens in Denver, Colorado."

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