Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mother of bystander injured by gunman who shot at 'dangerous' Brooklyn teens hails shooter as hero: "A Brooklyn gunman who opened fire on a pack of noisy teens was hailed as a hero Monday by the most unlikely of allies - the mother of the woman he inadvertently wounded. Larisa Kaprovskaya said Thomas Dunikowski was just trying to protect them from local teens terrorizing their block. "He shot because he wants to protect us," said Kaprovskaya, 50. "I don't know what would have happened to us if he didn't try to protect us. I appreciate him." Dunikowski, 30, was slapped with a raft of charges for using a semiautomatic hunting rifle to open fire on the teens in Marine Park, cops said. Kaprovskaya said Dunikowski is a family man who lives with his wife, Kimberly, and their 2-year-old son. Another neighbor, John Westbay, felt sorry for the shooter. "I can understand why he did it," Westbay said. "It's not the first time we've had this trouble."

OK: Man shot, killed in domestic dispute: "A 52-year-old Jenks man was shot and killed Sunday afternoon at a residence in Glenpool during an apparent domestic dispute, police said. Glenpool Assistant Police Chief Bart Harris said James Mitchell was shot twice in the chest outside a home at 680 W. 131st St. and pronounced dead at the scene. Police identified the man who fired the shots as the homeowner, 50-year-old Donald Wilson. The dispute apparently started between Mitchell and his mother at a house they shared in Jenks, Harris said. "She left the scene and went to (Wilson's) address and Mitchell followed her," he said. "As the (911) call was coming in, officers were advised (Mitchell) was at the house trying to get in and had a meat cleaver," Harris said. Officers were still en route to the residence when Mitchell approached Wilson outside the residence and was shot, Harris said.
Wilson was questioned and released following the incident, Harris said. He was not arrested. "Through our investigation, it appears to be self-defense," said Harris, "but the district attorney will make the final determination."

Pa. Senate votes to expand 'castle doctrine' - right to use deadly force against attackers: "In Pennsylvania, as in most states, your home is your castle and you have a right to defend it. Soon, you will be able to add your car. Or the sidewalk. Or anywhere you "have the legal right to be." The state Senate, in a 45-5 vote, gave final approval Monday to the so-called castle doctrine bill to expand the right of people to use deadly force against attackers in places outside their homes. A spokesman for Gov. Corbett said the governor would sign the bill but was not sure when. The legislation, sponsored by Rep. Scott Perry (R., York), eliminates a requirement that people try to retreat before using deadly force in those situations. Proponents - led by the National Rifle Association - say the legislation would enhance public safety by exempting gun owners acting in self-defense from prosecution."

Texas Gov. Signs Bill Allowing Guns In Vehicles At The Workplace: "Gov. Rick Perry has signed into law a bill sponsored by State Sen. Glenn Hegar that will allow residents to store legal guns locked in their vehicles while parked at the workplace. The bill takes effect Sept. 1. Hegar had introduced the bill during three sessions of the Texas Legislature, but this was the first time it made it to the governor’s desk. The bill was strongly backed by the Texas Rifle Association and the National Rifle Association. “I’d like to thank Gov. Perry for signing this bill and for recognizing that a worker’s individual and constitutional right to self-defense does not end when they drive onto their employer’s property,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action."

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