Monday, June 27, 2011

MS: Gunfire exchanged in Jackson home burglary: "Two men are in custody after allegedly burglarizing a house and exchanging gunfire with a homeowner, a Jackson Police Department spokeswoman said. JPD’s Colendula Green said just after 4:20 p.m., a witness in the 2100 block of Alta Woods Boulevard saw a window open at a neighbor’s house and told the homeowner about it. Suddenly five males came running out of the home, Green said, and fired shots at the homeowner, who returned fire. Nobody was shot in the exchange. Two of the men were apprehended shortly thereafter by officers in the area of Peyton Avenue and Belvedere Drive. They were taken to headquarters for questioning, Green said."

WI: Customers pressure jewelry store owner for disallowing concealed carry: "A Wisconsin jewelry store owner is under fire from customers for opting out of the state’s recently-passed concealed carry law. Bret Eulberg, owner of Robert Haack Diamonds in Greenfield, Wis., says he has been getting angry messages threatening a boycott of the store. The new law allows residents to carry concealed firearms in public, but business owners still have a say whether or not they want to observe the law in their stores."

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