Wednesday, June 01, 2011

W. Va: Bully shot dead: "Police are investigating a deadly shooting Tuesday night in the Campbells Creek area. A man who police believe pulled the trigger has been taken into custody late Tuesday night, but he hasn't been charged with anything. His family tells his name is Glenn Cline. Police say the victim is Jonathan Campbell. Cline's family says the two men had a history. They say about a year-and-a-half ago, Campbell broke one of Cline's legs and has threatened him many other times. Neighbors say they heard the men arguing again Tuesday night. Family members say they thought Cline would eventually shoot Campbell out of self-defense."

NC Man Shot, Killed Intruder in Self-Defense: "Police will not file charges against a man who killed another man in his home on May 15. Jonathan Pressley, of 521 Amos St., shot Christopher Dwayne Murphy, 42, in self-defense, High Point police said. Police said Murphy entered Pressley's residence uninvited and theatened Pressley and his family. Murphy physically assaulted Pressley and then pointed a handgun at Pressley, police said. Murphy then fired one shot at Murphy, killing him, police said."

FBI data proves anti-gunners wrong on crime: "Preliminary crime data from the FBI for 2010 adds more evidence that gun prohibitionists have been consistently wrong, and that more guns do not equal more crime, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today."

Bill on homeowner protection from intruders introduced in Wisconsin Senate: "It would be easier for Wisconsin homeowners to protect themselves from intruders, under a new bill in the state Legislature. Freshman Senate Republican Van Wangaard of Racine is sponsoring a measure in which homeowners would no longer have to prove their lives were threatened if they kill intruders in self-defense. Also, injured intruders would lose their right to sue the homeowners -- and the families of those killed while committing burglaries could no longer win damages in court. Wangaard says homeowners are often reluctant to act -- and in some cases, homeowners' relatives are left to wonder if their loved ones feared to protect themselves."

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