Monday, September 12, 2011

CA: Man allegedly shoots would-be burglar: "The homeowner told deputies that he was awakened by noise near his workshop and armed himself before going outside to find the two men trying to force entry, Royal said. 'He said he fired a warning shot in the air and yelled at them,' Royal said. 'When they refused to flee, he fired additional shots and they then fled the scene.'"

OH: Homeowner shoots, kills suspected burglar: "The man who lived at the E. 105th Street address told police that he heard a noise in his attached garage and that his car alarm was going off. The homeowner got his gun and went into the garage to investigate. The resident saw an intruder and shot him. He went into the house and called police. When police arrived they found the dead man laying in the driveway next to the damaged garage door and wearing a shoulder holster with a handgun in it."

"Gunless" NYC: "Bloomberg's policy was merely the final victim over a New York City Labor Day weekend in which (the following statistics having been collected by Jonathan Dienst, Shimon Prokupecz and Melissa Russo of NBC News, New York) 67 individuals were shot, including two police officers, and as many as 10 people were murdered, a teenage boy and a 56-year-old female among them, all of them -- nine on Friday, 10 on Saturday, 33 on Sunday and 15 on Monday -- hurt or killed in what has been advertised as a gunless city since shortly after the First World War."

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