Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mississippi Home Invasion; Homeowner Fires Back, hits robber: "An elderly couple is shaken up after a bold robber forces his way inside their West Jackson home. Jackson Police tell us that the suspect Sidney Humbles, 39 showed up at UMC with a gunshot wound to the back. He faces armed robbery of an occupied dwelling and simple assault. Authorities say it happened at a house on Prose Avenue, just off Florence Avenue. Humbles knocked on the front door and told the homeowner's wife that he had some donuts for her. When she unlocked the door, he forced his way inside the home and knocked her to the ground. Hearing the commotion, her husband grabbed his gun. The homeowner shot Humbles"

La.: Neighbor’s shot ends alleged kidnapping: "At the same time, Quave and his estranged wife arrived at the mobile home on nearby Putt Street. Armed with a pistol, Bonnett said, Quave remained in the vehicle while the woman headed toward her trailer under the guise of retrieving some clothes. When she got out of Quave’s sight, she ran to a nearby trailer and alerted her neighbor, who came out with his own gun tucked in the back of his waistband. The woman made her second 911 call from the neighbor’s residence and deputies were dispatched to the trailer. However, before deputies arrived, the neighbor noticed Quave’s gun on the dashboard of his vehicle and drew his own weapon. When Quave reached for his gun, the neighbor told police, he shot a warning shot into the ground. Quave drove away."

OR: Intruders shoot man; girlfriend fires back: "A Eugene woman said she fired several shotgun blasts at two intruders who had sneaked into her home early Friday morning and shot her boyfriend in the leg. The 29-year-old woman said she suspects the two men who fled after she opened fire on them had planned to steal the medical marijuana plants growing on the Bethel area property."

Justifiable homicides appear to be pushing the crime-rate down: "The lamestream media told you: The 413 killings by police nationwide that were ruled justifiable in 2009 were the most since 1994, FBI statistics show. And the 262 killings by private individuals ruled self-defense were the most since 1997. National numbers for 2010 are not yet available. With some variations, the numbers for both categories have been trending upward since about 2000. Interestingly, the national rise in justifiable homicides has occurred as violent crime levels have dropped. The estimated U.S. violent crime level total in 2009 was 5.2 percent below the 2005 level and 7.5 percent below the 2000 level, according to the FBI." [More dead crooks = less crime is a pretty simple equation]

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