Thursday, September 29, 2011

TX: Robbery suspect shot, killed by victim: "A robbery suspect is dead, and police say the robbery victim killed him. KSDK-TV reports that the shooting happened around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday. Investigators say three patrons of a nightclub were walking on a parking lot when they were approached by three armed robbers. Police say one of the intended victims pulled out a gun and began shooting. One of the suspects fell while the other two ran away. The injured man was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead on arrival. No arrests have been made in the shooting."

MO: Robber is slain by man who interrupts holdup: "A teenager robbing someone at gunpoint was killed early Wednesday when a man interrupted the holdup, wrestled the robber's gun away and shot him several times, police say. It happened just before 2:30 a.m. Wednesday in the 2700 block of Fall Avenue, in the city's Jeff-Vander-Lou neighborhood. The area is northwest of the intersection of North Grand Boulevard and Cass Avenue. The dead man is identified as Dwight A. Brown, 19, of the 2900 block of James "Cool Papa" Bell Avenue. The man who shot Brown was 27 years old. Police did not release his name. Police found witnesses who corroborated the man's account of the shooting. The robbery attempt and shooting apparently happened behind the Imperial Palace nightclub, 2543 North Grand Boulevard."

FL: Charges Dropped Against Mother’s Day Piggly Wiggly Shooter: "Smith told deputies he went to the Piggly Wiggly to get a steak to grill for his dinner. He said he observed Johnson get out of his Nissan Altima before he “charged” at him. Smith admitted to deputies that he reached into his pocket, pulled out a .22 caliber revolver, pointed it a Johnson and told him to stop. Smith said Johnson did not have anything in his hands, but came at him in an aggressive manner. Smith said Johnson stated that he was not scared of the gun and that “he was going to beat his brains in,” according to the Sheriff’s Office report. Smith told deputies that he shot Johnson in the stomach from about three feet away because he feared Johnson was going to “beat him up”."

TX: Bearing a child... and ARMS: "In her left hand she holds her naked nine-month old baby. In her right, a third generation rifle. It is an image which mixes motherly tenderness with deadly threat, and is sure to evoke strong feeling whatever your opinion on gun ownership. But Alexandra Knight, from Houston, Texas, is just one of a reported 15million women to possess a firearm in the United States. The picture of the 38-year-old with her son, Truett, was captured by photographer Lindsay McCrum for her new book 'Chicks with Guns', which documents dozens of heat-packing females. The gun Mrs Knight is carrying used to be her grandfather's and her father taught her how to use it. Carrying on that familial bond is, she says, the main attraction in owning the gun. 'It was all about family and tradition,' Mrs Knight, who also wears her father's belt buckle in the shot, told MSNBC."

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