Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WV: Charges Dropped in Canul Case: "Prosecutors in Logan County have dropped murder charges against a man accused of shooting and killing another man in the parking lot of the Logan Walmart last month. Logan County Prosecuting Attorney John Bennett dropped the charges with prejudice, meaning officials could refile charges against Jesus Canul, 26, in the future. Canul allegedly shot and killed David Abbott, 37, of Chapmanville outside the Walmart on Aug. 22. Police said Abbott used a sharp object to rob Canul after Canul had cashed his paycheck at the Walmart. Canul pulled out a gun and fatally wounded Abbott after Abbott turned to flee, police said. Supporters of Canul have held rallies outside the Logan County Courthouse and raised enough money for him to post bond. They claim Canul acted in self-defense."

CA: Crazy guy gets shot and killed: "On July 3 at approximately 2 a.m. James Mitchell, 67, was asleep in his home in the 14200 block of Olympic Drive in Clearlake, when a vehicle drove into the front of his home. A 1994 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck driven by Kevin Quinn, 51, drove almost completely into the residence. Mitchell armed himself with a handgun and went to the area of his home where he heard the crash. Once Mitchell went into the room the vehicle drove into, he was confronted by Quinn who exited the vehicle. Quinn advanced toward Mitchell in an allegedly threatening manner while making threats to kill him, according to the Clearlake Police Department. CPD stated that as Mitchell was trying to exit the house Quinn caught up to him. Mitchell fired his handgun at Quinn and struck him multiple times. According to Hinchcliff, an investigation revealed Quinn had a history of mental health issues .... Mitchell was clearly acting in self-defense and used reasonable force under the circumstances in defending himself."

MI: Thief shot and killed during attempted robbery of an 88-year-old man: "Police say a thief who tried to rob the Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society on Detroit's east side was shot and killed by an 88-year-old employee who had his own gun. Officers say the 53-year-old suspect forced his way into the clinic after it closed on Saturday. He then roughed up the 88-year-old World War II veteran and demanded money. The 88-year-old is believed to be the clinic's doctor. However, police say the victim grabbed his own gun and fired two shots, killing the suspect. The man does have a permit to carry the gun. Even though police say it appears the shooting was justified, they will still send the case to the prosecutor. That is standard procedure in cases like this."

California open-carry is under attack once again: "Most people in California are not aware that it is an open carry state. This means that anyone who can legally own a firearm, for example one who is not a felon, may carry an unloaded sidearm in a holster (this is their strong side) in a public place without a permit. A magazine for ammunition is typically carried on their opposite or weak side. However there are certain places where open carry is prohibited such as in government buildings.and within 1000 feet of K-12 schools. Currently this right is under attack. A few weeks ago, Assembly Bill (AB) 144 passed both legislative houses in Sacramento and is sitting on Governor Jerry Brown's desk. This bill threatens to further restrict our Second Amendment constitutional right to defend ourselves in public."

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