Friday, September 09, 2011

Wisconsin county to ban guns: "All weapons -- concealed or open -- would be banned from Marathon County-owned buildings under a recommendation made Wednesday by the county's Park Commission. The commission took a first step toward a county policy on concealed weapons in advance of Nov. 1, when the state's new concealed carry law takes effect. The law allows state residents older than 21 to carry concealed weapons after receiving training and a permit. Marathon County already bans guns from the county courthouse in Wausau. The Park Commission on Wednesday was set to consider a ban in all county buildings with the exception of the Duane L. Corbin shooting range, park shelters and free-standing bathrooms in parks."

Buyback program for squirt guns illustrates absurdity of feel-good laws: "Nerf guns and water pistols are the latest target for the gun grabbers. Community activists in Buffalo, N.Y., started a toy-buyback program on Monday designed to instill a fear of firearms in the city’s youth. It’s also a way to accustom children to the real restrictions they’re likely to encounter in adulthood. As reported in the Buffalo News, a group calling itself Fathers Armed Together to Help Educate Restore and Save and a local pizza joint are rewarding toddlers willing to trade in a plastic assault rifle with a delicious slice of pizza. They hope it’s an offer too good to refuse. There’s little need to dwell on the absurdity of such a scheme. It’s more useful in providing insight into the liberal mind that sees the availability of guns as the direct cause of murder and mayhem on the streets. They believe such problems will disappear if handguns are banned. If only it were that simple."

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