Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TX: Gun-Toting Granny Stops Robber: "Police said a suspected robber on the run took one look at a Fort Worth grandmother with a gun in her hand and gave himself right up. Lake Worth police had been chasing two brothers into Fort Worth when they bailed out of their car near Interstate 30 and Hulen Street. One brother ran into a neighborhood and chose some bushes to hide behind. He chose poorly. Cindy Irving came out of her house armed and ready with her 357 six shooter in hand. “We were looking down towards that way and he was up underneath the bushes just hiding down on the ground,” Irving said. “We heard somebody say, ‘I give up, ma’am. I give up. The police are looking for me"

S.C. Court overturns imprisoned man’s manslaughter conviction: "A former Cornell Arms security guard who has served five years of a 16-year prison sentence on voluntary manslaughter had his guilty verdict overturned Monday by the S.C. Supreme Court. In a 4-1 decision written by Chief Justice Jean Toal, the court majority said Jason Dickey, who was scheduled to be released in 2020, should have the jury’s guilty finding overturned because “the evidence establishes that (Dickey) shot and killed Boot in self-defense.” Dickey, who carried a concealed pistol, “was faced with a situation where two younger, intoxicated and physically superior men were advancing toward him, one with the clear intent to assault him and who was undeterred at the sight of (Dickey’s) gun,” Toal wrote."

OH: Clerk Says He Distracted Robber Before Shooting Him: "Matthews said he held the money in his left hand and tried to distract the robber. "I knew his eyes would follow the money, and I said, 'I have more hidden here,' and when I reached down, I grabbed my pistol and started firing," Matthews said. The robber fled the Hamilton market, and police later arrested 37-year-old Curtis Jason Wright and charged him aggravated robbery. Neighbors on Monday discovered a bloody bag that police believe Wright wore during the robbery, as well as a fake gun. Wright was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to his shoulder."

RI: Bad luck for two robbers: "Officer Joseph Salvadore was driving past the Bread House on Greenville Avenue when he spotted two men with bandanas over their faces walking towards it - and one of them was pulling a rifle out of his sweatpants. Salvadore immediately knew they were going to rob the store so he radioed for backup and jumped out of his cruiser. Meanwhile, the two men barged into the store brandishing the rifle and trained it on owner Mouhiddin Hajjar. But Hajjar noticed that the weapon was a BB gun - so he drew his own pistol, causing the robbers to drop the fake gun and head for the door. That's where they encountered Officer Salvadore, who was waiting for them outside with his own weapon drawn."

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