Monday, September 19, 2011

SC: Man who tries to shoot dog gets shot dead: "Judy Carson, 65, called 911 and said that her neighbor was threatening to shoot her brother's dog and was calling the dog over to his house so he could shoot it. The dispatcher said two shots were heard during the call. Carson got off the phone, and called back and said, "The neighbor shot at my brother and my brother shot back," according to the dispatcher. She told the dispatcher that her brother, 60-year-old Johnny Lever, saw the other man fall in tall grass and they did not intend to check on him. Deputies said that they found Samuel Thomas, 62, dead in between the two homes. Deputies said that Thomas had a gun in his hand and his finger was on the trigger. Friday morning, Lever said to News 4: "I did what I had to do," but he had no other comment."

Sharpie gets something right: "Rev. Al Sharpton called on mourners at the funeral of a Brooklyn mom who was killed by a stray bullet as cops waged a gun battle with an ex-con to “stop the shooting.” “Somehow you must reach inside you and stand up for what’s right,” Sharpton told mourners at Denise Gay’s funeral Saturday. “Whatever the results of the investigation, there’s no doubt that you must stop the shooting.” Gay, 56, was killed Sept. 5 around 9 p.m. on the stoop of her Brooklyn home. Cops had converged on the block after 32-year-old Leroy Webster killed another neighbor, 29-year-old Eusi Johnson. Gay was hit while cops were locked in a shootout with Webster."

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