Thursday, December 01, 2011

CO: Home invader shot: "The incident happened the day after Thanksgiving on Indiana Street in Orchard Mesa. According to Mesa County Sheriff Office, two men were in the home when Jesus Ray Sanchez Jr. tried to force his way into their home. Colorado's "Make my Day" law gives citizens the right to use deadly force against an intruder without any criminal consequences. The Coroners Office says the manner of death was homicide but notes that the use of the word homicide does not imply criminal responsibility on the gunman's part but simply refers to the definition of the word."

SF Weekly journalist wants to save us from assault weapons… from Halo, the video game: "I don’t know SF Weekly writer Joe Eskenazi. What I do know is that he is so ignorant in his pathological hatred of firearms that he’s willing to call on a ban of guns that exist only in pixel form. No, I’m not kidding… He wants to ban the fictional guns from Halo. It’s a shame, really. I was really looking forward to picking up that BR55 battle rifle as soon as it comes out in 2525."

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