Monday, December 05, 2011

WA: Intruder shot, wounded inside home: "A 47-year-old Port Orchard man was shot and wounded early Saturday when, while fleeing from police, he barged into a Melcher Street home and struggled with a man who lives there. Washington State Patrol troopers believe the resident, who is in his 20s, fired a single shot that hit the 47-year-old in the abdomen. Police had responded to the area of Melcher and Tacoma Avenue about 1:15 a.m. after somone called 911 from an address there and hung up. They found the 47-year-old man in the street and two officers ended up in a struggle with him. A Taser was used to try and subdue the man but it was ineffective, said state patrol spokeswoman Krista Hedstrom. The suspect fled from the officers, went to the home and allegedly forced his way in, leading to the confrontation with the resident. Officers believe the man did not know the occupants of the home, Townsend said. The 47-year-old was taken to St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Tacoma, where he underwent surgery. He remains in the hospital in stable condition. Investigators spoke with the Melcher Street resident but he was not detained"

Supreme Court punts on right to carry: "With very little media notice, what could have been a landmark case on the right to bear arms was quietly turned away on Monday. Without comment, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case of Masciandaro v. US, which asked if the Second Amendment “protect[s]a right to possess and carry a firearm for self-defense outside the home.” It’s a vital question, one we know the answer to, and one we deserve to have the high Court issue a correct ruling on. Attorney Alan Gura of Heller and McDonald fame filed an amicus brief on behalf of the Second Amendment Foundation that presents an inarguable case to any capable of reason."

Extreme gun hatred: "Vanessa Gibbs, 17, claims the Transportation Security Administration stopped her at the security gate because of the design of a gun on her handbag. But her preference for the pistol style didn't sit well with TSA agents at the Norfolk airport. Gibbs said she was headed back home to Jacksonville from a holiday trip when an agent flagged her purse as a security risk. "She was like, 'This is a federal offense because it's in the shape of a gun,'" Gibbs said. "I'm like, 'But it's a design on a purse. How is it a federal offense?'" After agents figured out the gun was a fake, Gibbs said, TSA told her to check the bag or turn it over. By the time security wrapped up the inspection, the pregnant teen missed her flight, and Southwest Airlines sent her to Orlando instead, worrying her mother, who was already waiting for her to arrive at JIA. TSA isn't budging on the handbag, arguing the phony gun could be considered a "replica weapon." The TSA says "replica weapons have prohibited since 2002."

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