Monday, December 26, 2011

OH: Christmas thieves shot by homeowner: "An eastside homeowner shot two teens after they attempted to rob his E. 114th Street home Sunday afternoon. At 12:09 p.m., police responded to a call for a robbery with suspects still on the scene. Upon arrival, police found two suspects outside of the home, both with gunshot wounds to their legs. The preliminary investigation shows that, after hearing the alarm going off in his home, the homeowner grabbed his gun and walked through his house. That's when he found the two teens attempting to steal property from his house. The homeowner fired off multiple rounds, hitting both suspects. The two suspects were then caught outside of the home. Police later found out that two additional suspects acted as lookouts. They left the scene after hearing the gunfire."

OR: Couple wakes up to man beating them with tiki torch: "An Aloha couple woke up Christmas morning to a man hitting them with a tiki torch. It happened at a home on 209th Street. According to Ray, a man believed to be on drugs broke into the back door of the home while the couple was asleep, grabbed a bamboo tiki torch and took it into the bedroom where he beat the couple with it. The husband, who has not been identified, grabbed a handgun in self-defense and a bullet discharged during a struggle. No one was hurt, Ray said. The bullet went into a wall. Deputies arrived at the home and took the suspect, who has not been identified, into custody. They took the man to a hospital for a mental evaluation and planned to book him into the Washington County Jail."

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