Saturday, December 03, 2011

FL: Store owner displays gun to restrain aggressive customer: "On Sept. 30, Dan and Edith Ferrena, owners of Palm Coast Gold Buyers, had an unhappy encounter with a customer. Joshua Newby, 28, was with his wife, a friend and five children, three of them his. At one point everyone was in the store as Newby was looking at a watch, and the Ferrenas, who had two other customers inside–a small store the size of an average living room–became concerned about the children’s behavior. Edith asked the adults top take the children outside, politely, she says. The request was not taken kindly. When it was all over, Dan found himself in a cop car, on his way to jail, on an aggravated assault charge for having allegedly threatened Newby with a 9mm Walther PPS, allegedly pointing it at him and his children’s direction. Ferrena denied all along that he pointed the gun at Newby or cocked it, though he didn’t deny merely displaying it. On Tuesday, the State Attorney dropped the charge against Ferrena."

OH: Store owner Opens Fire on Intruder: "A frightened owner opened fire on a man who broke into his convenience store on North Monroe Avenue Friday morning. It happened just about 7 a.m. when the owner reported hearing noise when he went to open Nick's Quick Stop Food Mart in northeast Columbus. He says he confronted the suspect, involved in a robbery attempt, and ordered him to "Freeze!" The store owner says the alleged robber responded by throwing something at him and trying to get away. That's when the owner says he fired his gun. The owner shot the intruder several times in his legs, ABC6/Fox28 News has learned. The suspect managed to crawl out of a second-story window. He fell to the ground, where police officers arrested him. The injured man was transported to Grant Medical Center with non life-threatening injuries. Allen reports the man, whose name was not released, is expected to recover and will likely face criminal charges. The owner, however, will not face charges"

TX: Old lady fires at burglars: "Talk about fighting to your last breath. An 81-year-old woman defending her Memorial Village home was brave enough to pull a gun on the bad guys and managed to scare them away. However, the stress took its toll, and the woman lost her life. Two burglars dressed as utility workers convinced the elderly homeowner to let them inside, but it wasn't this gal’s first rodeo. When she started to get suspicious, police say the woman pulled out her gun and shot at the undercover-robbers twice. The schemers escaped. The 81-year-old called 911, but collapsed after help arrived and died of a heart attack on the way to the hospital. The suspects are still on the loose."

TN: Convenience store clerk shoots, kills alleged robber: "Authorities have not charged a convenience market clerk after he fatally shot a convicted carjacker he said tried to rob him Wednesday night. Sm Mazahir Hamadani, 59, was working at the Kwik Tobacco Market at 619 Millwood Drive, when he said 25-year-old William England charged the counter and held scissors to Hamadani’s throat. According to the Metro Nashville Police Department, Hamadani said he feared for his life, pulled a pistol that was in his pocket and shot England one time. England died shortly after arriving at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He was on probation after receiving an eight-year sentence for carjacking in 2009. Hamadani wasn’t detained after being interviewed by authorities."

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