Sunday, December 11, 2011

MI: Man's worst nightmare becomes reality for home invasion suspect: "The 28-year-old Flint man was trying to force his way into a home after banging on the door and falsely identifying himself as police when he was shot by the homeowner, who told police the suspect was reaching into his pocket for what he thought was a gun. The bullet went through the suspect’s hip and into his most private of parts. When officers arrived and asked the injured suspect what happened, he replied “Figure it out yourself,” according to police reports. “To add insult to injury, we charged him with first-degree home invasion, a 20-year felony,” said Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton. He added the man had a prior home invasion conviction. It’s hard to imagine the suspect ever breaking and entering again. “If taking a bullet down there doesn’t stop you, I don’t know what’s going to,” Leyton said."

OH: Teen, young woman shot during skill games robbery: "The young woman was inside the Lucky Heaven 777 Skill Games at 2123 Columbus Rd. NE in Plain Township when she answered a knock on the rear door at 5:28 a.m. A masked man carrying a gun walked inside. An employee suspecting a robbery was underway pulled out his own gun and fired two shots, Perez said. Both shots struck the young people, who then fled out the back door. A short time later, Mercy Medical Center employees called to report a 17-year-old boy with a gunshot wound had arrived, Perez said. The young woman, however, had gone to an Akron hospital, where employees notified Akron police that a gunshot victim had arrived, Perez said. Perez said that she told police there that she had been shot while walking down the sidewalk. But Akron police knew about the robbery attempt and told her they didn’t believe her. While they were out of the room, she grabbed her identification and walked out of the hospital... The skill games employee who deputies believe shot the young people may not face charges. “I believe he was protecting himself from bodily harm,” Perez said."

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