Thursday, December 08, 2011

PA: Employee shoots at suspected robbers: "It was last night when neighboring store owners heard gun shots coming from the parking lot of the Palmyra 'head shop', Bad Boys Toys. Police say a store employee fired the shots. They believe the incident began after the worker saw a woman enter the store and leave with $1600 dollars worth of unpaid merchandise. According to investigators, the employee then followed the woman out and into the parking lot, where witnesses say a male friend of the female assaulted the employee. The two suspects are now in custody, the male receiving treatment for gun shot wounds suffered during the altercation."

MN: Pregnant Woman With Shotgun Thwarts Burglars: "It’s the last thing two burglary suspects expected to hear when they broke into a Coon Rapids home. From within the house came the unmistakable sound of a pump shotgun. At the other end of that gun was a 22-year-old woman who is nine weeks pregnant. The young woman asked not to be identified because the two suspects are still at large. However, she says when the men ignored her barking pit bull and black lab, and broke through a kitchen door, she had no other choice but to chamber a round into the 12-gauge shotgun. There’s perhaps no other sound that commands as much respect and fear. The young woman at the business end of that gun was home alone and prepared to protect herself. With a single pump of her 12-gauge shotgun, the would-be burglars bolted out the door and through the backyard."

WI: Walker signs 'castle doctrine' bill: "Homeowners who shoot intruders will have new legal protections, under a bill signed Wednesday by Gov. Scott Walker. Under the intruders bill, courts in most criminal and civil matters would presume that people using deadly force had acted reasonably against anyone unlawfully inside their residence, business or vehicle, whether the trespasser was armed or not. The proposal is sometimes known as the "castle doctrine," a reference to the saying that one's home is one's castle. The bill passed the Senate and Assembly on bipartisan votes last month. The legislation is one of 21 bills that Walker signed privately Wednesday after they were passed by the Republican Legislature in October and November."

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