Saturday, December 31, 2011

TX: Man Shot During Attempted Robbery: "A man is recovering in a hospital from a gunshot wound he received during an alleged attempted robbery at an auto salvage yard Thursday night. El Paso Police Department officials told ABC-7 they believe the man was one of several trying to rob a man who works at the A&M Salvage Yard in the 9700 block of Alameda. Police said an employee was within the security gate of the yard when he said he was approached by several men who then tried to rob him about 8:30 p.m. Thursday. The employee pulled out a gun and fired one shot, hitting one of the men. Police did not elaborate on the man's wounds, but said they are not life-threatening. The others fled, prompting police to launch a search. Police spokesman Detective Mike Baranyay said the employee told them he shot the weapon in self-defense. "If you feel threatened, you have a right to defend yourself," Baranyay said. "And obviously, if there's multiple subjects on one individual, that allows you to use a little more force to defend yourself."

Legal costs as a weapon against the anti-gunners: "A federal judge has ordered the City of Washington D.C. to pay more than $1 million in attorney’s fees to the attorneys who fought the Heller case. The Heller case was, of course, the case which overturned the city’s three-decade old gun ban. D.C. changed their laws when the Supreme Court told them to, but Dick Heller has since sued the city again because the laws they passed were so restrictive as to be a defacto ban. I’m not going to argue the idiocy of gun bans here. I’m simply going to note that judgements like this might actually be more effective than supreme court decisions in liberalizing gun laws. Cities are generally notoriously broke. They’re also generally lawyer-averse. What we have here is something which might actually break the dam in some of the major cities which still do their best to restrict self-defense."

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