Sunday, December 16, 2012

Police oppose Gun Control on Public Radio

While the old media still act as gatekeepers to promote the failed policy of gun control, people are finding ways to spread the alternative message of freedom and responsibility.

My brother heard a retired police officer call in to Wisconsin Public radio yesterday. The officer said that they trained hard, but they were always too late. The answer was not more gun control, but to adopt the Israeli solution of arming teachers and older students.

Then listening to a national public radio program,, that has a special on the Connecticut school shooting, he heard a different officer make almost exactly the same points.

Both officers were quickly shut off, and the people on the show seemed as much dumbfounded as anything as they seemed unable to understand that there was an alternate method that had been tested and found successful to stop school shootings. That police officers gave them this information confused them even more.

The truth is getting out. The MSM no longer have a stranglehold on information flow. Dean Weingarten

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irjsiq said...

Israel is 'Bright', Americans, not so!