Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Defence Distributed Demonstrates 3D Printed "High Capacity" AR15 Magazine on youtube

Technology is making the desire to keep detachable magazines out of the hands of rampage shooters an impossibility. It has always been possible for people to make magazines of more than 10 rounds in home workshops. Magazines for AR15 rifles were made in jungle workshops by the Viet Cong. But in today's digital society, especially among young, hip, technologically advanced adults, nothing catches the attention like the ability to print working magazines for modern rifles by pressing a button on a 3D printer.

Defence distributed has now released digital files that enable people to print magazines for their AR15 rifle at home on their own 3D printer. Printing magazines is far easier than printing entire rifles; magazines are, in effect, only a box with a spring, and 3D printers make getting the dimensions correct as easy as pressing a button.

In the video, the magazine is demonstrated not only firing on semi-auto, but also on fully auto.

Have you decided that we must now have 3D printer control? That is rather difficult, as many of the latest at home 3D printers are capable of duplicating themselves. They are currently available for less than $1000, and the price is dropping.

If your buddy needs a 3D printer, it may take a week or so to print and assemble his, but it can be done without ordering it from a retail store or off of the net.

It appears that magazine control now makes less sense than outlawing kitchen knives.

Demonstration Video Link

Dean Weingarten

Here is a link to the source of the data files:

Defcad 30 round AR15 Magazine Link

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