Thursday, July 18, 2013

From Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and local NAACP President James Bible – quoted yesterday by KING 5 News – to protesters in Sanford, Fla. demanding a “review” of “Stand-Your-Ground” laws in the wake of George Zimmerman’s acquittal, gun rights advocates across the map are suspicious that none of these people cares about the rights of victims, they just don’t want perpetrators getting shot.

In an e-mail blast sent Tuesday morning, NAACP National President Benjamin Jealous had this to say: “Now, we must end the plague of gun violence, because 21st birthdays should be celebrations of life, not of escaping death.
“And we fight to roll back ‘stand your ground’ laws and pass powerful anti-racial profiling ordinances, and do whatever we must to finally end the wars that are killing so many children in our neighborhoods.”

Does he mean, like in Chicago? According to the Huffington Post this morning, this past weekend saw 21 people shot, including five who died. Mr. Jealous said nothing about those victims, or who shot them. A reader of this column wrote by private e-mail this morning, “The president used the Zimmerman acquittal to agitate for more gun control. One can only marvel at how well that works in Chicago, at protecting the public, especially black children.”

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