Friday, July 12, 2013

NE:Homeowner Holds Car Burglars at Gunpoint

Two men the Davis' had never seen before were rummaging under the hood of their truck.

"When she said what are you doing, he said oh we are just trying to get a battery," said Dan Davis, homeowner.

Seeing they were trying to steal, Jaynessa called for her husband. But the suspects pulled out a hatchet.

"I come out here and I grab a broom handle and get the guys to drop the hatchet and then after that I had my daughter go get the gun for me," said Davis.

Davis pointed the gun at the suspects telling them not to move. He said the suspects doubted his seriousness for a second, but their attitudes changed with one move.
"I cocked the gun and told them, you wanna bet, run," said Davis.

They didn't run, but waited 40 minutes for law enforcement to arrive.
Blake Maslonka, 19, was arrested along with a 17 year-old.

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