Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mark Kessler Video, Defiance of Kerry and UN

This video has some salty language in it, but the message is clear.  The old media is focusing on a few vulgarisms rather than on the message.  The local community stands behind Chief Mark Kessler.


sj said...

He is more than a little "whizzed off" about this. I am sure he is not alone. Unfortunately, it seems to be commom practice that one or a few people seem to control everyone. This is not right and certainly not proclaiming truth, especially in government. But it is happening more and more, making life difficult for the majority.

G3Ken said...

I agree wholeheartedly with his beliefs, that a Secretary of State & the UN do not have the Constitutional Authority to verride one of the Bill of Rights.

My only issue is in the way he chose to state it. I agree, he's ticked. Many of us are, but that video will be taken and used to see how law-abiding citizens are "unhinged" about their rights and are a danger to the public. I would guarantee the only people that are in danger from him are those who would attempt to take his rights, but many won't see past the camo uniform, the language and the shooting at the end.

We need to get the message out in a polite fashion and should the message fall on deaf ears, we all know what happens then.

There's still time for some peaceful dialogue, but the clock's ticking and I doubt folks in Washington get the sentiment. That would be tragic.