Saturday, July 20, 2013

OK:17-Year-Old Shoots Persistant, Irrational Intruder

There was no evidence that the 16 year old was under any real threat.  He was probably on drugs that made him feel paranoid.  Sad that his drug use or mental problems lead to his death, but false pretexts are often used by home invaders to gain entrance for malicious purposes.

A woman at the home said a male began beating on her front door about 1 a.m. Her 10-year-old daughter went to the door and the person began yelling aggressively, "They're going to kill me. They're going to kill me," over and over, the woman told News On 6.

As the little girl opened the door, Davis put one foot inside and kept screaming, so the woman slammed the door in his face, she said.

He then punched through the window on the door and the woman said she was frightened, so she woke her 17-year-old son and told him to get his gun.

Her son, who is a senior at Hominy High School, grabbed a 12-guage shotgun and fired as Davis reached his hand through the broken glass and turned the doorknob trying to force entry.
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