Wednesday, July 10, 2013

IL:Fannypack Carry with new Law  has some decent discussion on the new concealed carry law in Illinois.

Here is a link to a PDF file of the new law.  168  double spaced typed  pages

Full text of the Illinois Firearms Concealed Carry Act (HB183)

Here are some well thought out remarks from kurt555gs on the Illinois forum on

HB183 is now law! The legislature has over ridden the ( irrelevant ) governor's veto.

The Concealed carry portion of the law is horrid. Written by the Chicago anti civil rights bunch and full of delays and traps and criminal penalties to Illinois License to Carry holders. In fact, it will be a year before the first license is issued. I'll leave my discussion of that horrid discriminatory part of the bill for later.

What else is in the bill? Well, state wide pre-emption and the revocation of ALL local ordinances concerning "handguns". Gone are magazine limits, and unconstitutional "transport" restrictions from dozens of Home Rule Communities. No more Chicago transport laws about "broken down" or "ammunition" separate. One law state wide. It's Fanny Pack Day! All you need is a FOID card or be a non resident.

Speaking of non residents, they as of right now get to carry a loaded handgun in a car. Not Illinois residents though, not even with a non resident permit. This law was very careful to discriminate against us Illinois folks. However, if you have a concealed carry permit from ANY state, OR if you are either 18 or 21 without any permit or background check or anything from the following states:


Then, you can drive or ride around Chicago or anywhere in the state with your loded Glock and 30 round magazine AND you don't have to inform the cops when you are stopped.

No Illinois residents though. It's for the children.

What is left for Illinois residents, today, right now, is commonly referred to as "Container Transport" or "Fanny Pack Carry". It means having a FOID card (Illinois residents only) and transporting your firearm "Unloaded and enclosed in a case". Ammo is not regulated and you can have loaded magazines or speed loaders in the same case or in your pocket, or in an ammo pouch on your belt. Everywhere in Illinois! Also, there are different prohibited places for "Transport" than for concealed carry ; license holders. Places prohibited like public transportation or neighborhood festvals for concealed carry are perfectly fine to "Container Transport". Research these yourself.

So, a bad concealed carry laws passes, but a great Container Transport one does at the same time.

 While transport of an unloaded firearm in a fannypack may not be optimum, it is far from useless either.  This seems to be a little known feature of the new law.

Dean Weingarten

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I wonder if this kind of gun "container" would be allowable.