Monday, July 22, 2013

IL:Cook County Bans More Guns

This ban and restrictions appear blatantly unconstitutional under Heller and McDonald.  I am sure there will be court challenges.  Too bad the commissioners will not be held personally accountable for their lack of responsibility.   From the Daily Herald:

The Cook County Board Wednesday voted to ban the sale of guns to people under 21, restrict how people with children at home store their ammunition and add firearms to its list of banned so-called assault weapons.

The votes come as suburbs have until midnight Friday to approve their own assault weapons bans, though few have expressed much interest in doing so. Cook County Board attorneys said they believe because they already have a ban in place, they can change it whenever they want. But getting in under the state deadline could prevent some legal challenges.
The Heller decision clearly stated that there is a Second Amendment right to have handguns available in the home for self defense.  To require those firearms to be locked up violates that clear ruling.  There are numerous other potential challenges to this law, such as banning commonly available handguns. 

Dean Weingarten

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