Tuesday, September 24, 2013

AR:Open Carry in Jonesboro Delayed for two weeks

Arkansas Carry  has postponed the open carry walk that was scheduled for Joneboro for two weeks.  The open carry walk has been coordinated with the local prosecutor and police in order to educate the public about the change in Arkansas carry law.  As stated by Arkansas Carry:

On September 22nd, 2013, at 3:00 pm, Arkansas Carry will host a legal and peaceful armed citizen walk in Jonesboro. The walk will begin near the County Courthouse and move north on Main Street to Cate Avenue, then back south on Union Street. Over a dozen Arkansas Carry members will take part in the invitation-only walk.
The gathering is being held to celebrate Act 746 becoming law on August  16th, and to bring attention to the fact that the public bearing of arms is now legal in the State of Arkansas. Arkansas Carry, Second Amendment leaders and various law enforcement agencies and prosecutors have long asserted that Act 746 has abruptly stopped the decades-long infringement upon unlicensed Second Amendment rights in the Natural State.
 An Arkansas law previously made it illegal to carry a firearm with the intent to use the firearm against another person.  Act 746 clarified the law so that it was only illegal to carry a firearm with intent to unlawfully use the firearm against another person.

Chris Matthews at Arkansas  Carry reports that the walk has been delayed:

The Jonesboro open carry celebration hike has been postponed a couple weeks. We will re-schedule for a few weeks from now. Don't worry, NE AR: we still haven't forgotten you! -Nicholas Stehle
 The  Arkansas AG Dustin McDaniel has written an opinion that open carry of firearms is not legal in the state, but does not quote any law to show where it is illegal.  He simply claims that Act 746 does not make open carry legal.

 A successful open carry march was held in Fort Smith on August 25th.  No one was arrested.

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